You want proof that Donald Trump is a good guy? Well here ya go…

It’s pretty crazy how the mainstream media wants to ignore the fact that Donald Trump really is a good guy and that he really cares for people. All the media wants to do is make him look like a villain or the enemy of America. All the haters will ignore this article and will shrug it all off but that’s because they’re ignorant. All people wanna do is hate Donald Trump. Hate, hate, hate.

Donald Trump has done good things for people including singer, Jennifer Hudson.

The Trump and Jennifer Hudson thing is true… he really did help her.

Donald Trump is a real good guy and all people wanna do is treat him in a negative direction like the jealous losers they are.

Not only dumb liberals are hating on Donald Trump. There are some conservatives and “independents” that hate him as well. Donald is a great man and the media will never report that stuff above. All the press wants to do is treat him in a negative direction. There are even famous radio talk show hosts like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones who are trying to make Donald Trump look like the enemy. Yeah, Alex Jones of Info Wars has recently joined the Trump hating bandwagon so I guess, he’s next on the boycott list.

People treat Donald Trump supporters like shit and they try to tell us not to blindly support him. If you hate Donald Trump then chances are you are probably a Bernie Sanders supporter or a Hillary supporter. You probably voted Obama twice. If you’re a conservative who hates Donald Trump then you probably support Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. You shouldn’t be blindly supporting them as well so stop being hypocrites.

To be honest, most candidates in this election pretty much suck except for Donald Trump who is pretty much the best candidate that we have right now.


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