Liberals are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to Muslims and the Police…

Liberals like to get all over conservatives for accusing all Muslims of being violent and encouraging killing people. Well, that’s kind of funny, ya know? Coming from a bunch of dumbasses who accuses all of our law enforcement the same thing. Liberals don’t like “right-wingers” calling Muslims violent when they are the ones calling the police “violent”. Liberals are the ones calling cops “murderers”. So it’s really strange to me that liberals do all they can to defend Muslims and make them look good yet they think the police is evil. Welcome to the world of political correctness, folks. I’m so tired of it. Really I am.

The thing is, liberals will side with anything Obama does which is just pathetic and that’s what’s wrong with America. Liberals naively believe that Obama is doing all the right things to America. Bringing in Illegal immigrants from Mexico and bringing in those Syrian Muslim refugees. They actually believe Obama when he says that illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees need our help. Liberals will bash people for criticizing Obama’s views and goals. Liberals think people from other countries are good people only because Obama says so. If you think you know what he’s doing then you are one pathetic loser.

Back to the point, I just find it hypocritical of people yelling at those calling Muslims violent when they are the ones that call the police violent. They wanna act like that we think all Muslims are violent? Well they act like the same way with our police… they act like all of them are violent.

Once again, each time Muslims are involved in terrorism… liberals will continue to defend them and claim they are against “violence”. This is Obama’s way of defending Islam, sadly. He wants Islam to have more respect by the American people. Well hey, Obummer, well to get respect you have to earn it. If you want us to respect Islam, it would help if they would stop killing people. Muslims deserve all the hate and the American people have every right to hate them too. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I will always despise Islam. I don’t like that religion at all.

It’s time for Barack to get out of office.


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