Why would people claim that Islam isn’t violent when the Quran makes it clear that it is???

I don’t get why people try their best to defend Islam and claim they’re not violent people when they clearly are. You see Muslims will only kill people who are non-believers. They have quotes about that all over the Quran.


Of course, these fuckers encourage violence but they only encourage it to people who are nonbelievers to Allah. In their eyes, they believe Non-believers are evil and they would do whatever it takes to wipe them off the planet.

This is a website that gives you a full understanding of what Islam is all about.

Like check it out…


So why do Muslims lie to protect Islam? It’s because the Quran permits them to lie in order to defeat Non-believers. That’s why Muslims kill innocent people ’cause they are trying to get rid of the non-believers.

If you want to get yourself educated and informed on Islam then read this website:


This is the reason why Barack Obama can’t say “Islamic Terrorism” ’cause he’s intentionally lying about Muslims to defeat those “Non-believers”. He’s following the rules of the Quran pretty clearly.


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