If liberals believe that Christians are the terrorists and Muslims are not, then America is officially done…

Due to the Planned Parenthood shooting, it’s gonna be okay for America to call Christians terrorists. So is this gonna be the libtard’s definition of terrorism? Muslims aren’t terrorists and Christians are? If that’s how it’s gonna go in America then we’re really doomed and we’re officially done.

Honestly though, I think Barack Obama is doing this intentionally ’cause this is his vision for America. Obama wants to make Christians look like the bad guys and Muslims look like the good guys. This is what he’s doing. This is Obama’s America, y’all. He’s trying to turn us into an Islamic nation and doing a very good job of it so far.

Pretty soon we’ll all be jailed for calling Muslims terrorists thanks to Loretta Lynch and her big mouth.

Islam America is already happen as we speak. I’m tired of Islam being rammed down our throats. It’s definitely getting worse. I see people in facebook talking about Islam & Muslims everyday. People in facebook, talking about Muslims whether good or bad. It’s just really scary how the topic of Muslims have become a huge debate. I don’t care what anyone says… I think Islam is evil. Wanna jail me for saying that? Bring it on, Loretta!

The thing is, I’m real tired of America’s obsession with Islam. It’s scary stuff. This is what Muslims want though. That is their goal is to promote Islam to a wider scale. They want everyone to accept it and they want people to convert too. Pretty soon, I wouldn’t be surprised that people in America will start converting to Islam like your friends & family members. People will start to get interested in it and then they will convert themselves. That’s what the Quran encourages Muslims to do is to promote Islam and get it out there.

We’re screwed, America. We’re really screwed. Thanks to libtards for electing that Muslim freak in the White House twice.


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