Donald Trump calling for immediate shutdown of Muslims entering the country… I agree!!!

Check it out:

We don’t hate Muslims for no reason and we should have every right to hate them ’cause we fear for our lives, ya know what I mean? After things like 9/11, Benghazi, The 1972 Olympic Munich attack and loads of other attacks in the U.S. and the world committed by Muslims, Barack wants us to be kind to them? Seriously?

Muslims hating us is true. So if they want to hate us, we’ll hate them in return.

It’s insane, ya know? I’m sick of all this talk on Muslims. If they kill innocent people and have no problem with it, we should have every right to be outraged but when we do get outraged we’ll get called “racist” and “bigoted”… whatever names the libtard left wants to call us.

The left should be scared of Muslims too ’cause this absolutely concerns their lives as well. It’s pretty insane that the left wants to believe in Obama’s and the media’s lies that Muslims are good people. Muslims are pretty protective of their religion ’cause that’s what the Quran tells them to do. They have to lie to protect Islam. It’s part of their rules.

We should have every right to hate Islam and the way this country is going now, we’re really starting to hate Islam even more. At least, I am.

Barack is not just a lover toward Islam, he’s a Muslim himself. He’s definitely no Christian that’s for sure and if you believe that, you’re a dumbass.


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