We really gotta change the way people discuss politics, thanks to the libtard media!!!

You can’t deny that the way people are discussing politics in this day and age under Obama is getting way out of hand. It’s gotten a lot worse. This whole “left vs. right” thing is getting worse. All this liberal bias and all this political correctness everywhere. It’s all gotta stop seriously but this is what Obama wants, though. He’s intentionally making it this way. He’s purposefully angering Americans. He wants the “right vs. left” to have an all-out war which is what he’s successful at.

We would have more intelligent and mature debates if the left would stop being “politically correct” on things. I would love to continue to have intelligent debates with liberals but when they disagree with you… all they wanna do is call you names like: racists, bigots, conspiracy theorist and whatever else they come up with these days. So this is why liberals deserve that name “libtard” for every reason.

The way people debate politics these days under Obama is undeniably horrible. The problem is that liberals are pretty one-sided people. I can’t stand it. People would accuse me of being one-sided but I’m not at all ’cause I don’t like George W. Bush either and I’m not a fan of the GOP as well.

Liberals treated me like a pile of garbage over the last 7 years under Obama and it’s just amazing, ya know?

I totally blame the mainstream media and the Obama admin. on all of this, though ’cause this is what they want. They want debates to get heated and controversial which is why they do what they do. It’s part of their goal in destroying America.

This is why we need Donald Trump in office so we can look at the world in a more honest direction. Time to put the PC Crowd to an end.


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