Americans wants Donald Trump as president ’cause we’re all sick of lying Obama…

After last night’s SOTU, Donald Trump should get even more supporters and more followers in social networking. More Americans on both sides of the spectrum are starting to realize that Donald Trump would be the right man for president. Many are starting to admit that he would be the right guy. There are even some liberals out there who admits he’s the right guy.

Why do more people keep supporting Donald Trump? The answer is simple really ’cause we’re all tired of lying Obama. Each time Obama lies about something, Trump will call him out.

After last night’s SOTU with Obama should prove why Donald Trump would be the best man for the job. We’re tired of lying presidents. All Obama’s been doing since 2008 is lying his head off about everything. What’s even more insane is that many of you liberals out there can’t see that Obama has been lying to you too and you still treat him like a hero. Sad. Obama is not on either side. He hates all people and all Americans. Obama doesn’t even like liberals either. Obama hates America as a whole.

One day you guys will realize that Trump would be the right guy for the job.


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