Liberals are clearly brainwashed by left-wing blogs and left-wing facebook sites…

You want to know why liberals in America are very one-sided people? Ya know, only siding with everything on the left and being against everything on the right. It’s because liberals are brainwashed by left-wing blogs and left-wing facebook sites.

Here’s what I mean…

There are left-wing blogs like Media Matters, Salon, RAW Story and sites like those

There are left-wing facebook “like” pages such as “Being Liberal” which is the most popular and there is another popular left-wing facebook “like” site called, Occupy Democrats.

I lurk at all this stuff for laughs sometimes and I think to myself… “Damn, no wonder liberals are always this one-sided. They only believe what these left-wing blogs and facebook sites tells them”.

Now… some of you may accuse me of following “right-wing” blogs and facebook sites and you would accuse me of believing everything the “right-wing” pages say but I don’t. Even I think all the blogs and facebook pages aimed at the “right-wing” community is all bullshit too and I don’t follow any of that stuff anymore. Seriously, I don’t. It’s no lie.

It’s a shame that liberals don’t want to listen to real people like us but instead they wanna listen to what blogs & facebook tell them. All those liberal websites I talked about are all garbage. All of them. They are 10 X’w worse than the right-wing community. I honestly don’t consider myself “right” or “left” anymore ’cause I don’t believe in either side ’cause as you know I’ve been trash talking both sides a lot on my blogs.

One way to get our country back is that I wish people would stop being so fucking one-sided in their politics. I stopped being on one side and you should too. I would think that most people stopped being on one-side ’cause that’s what supporting Donald Trump is all about. Supporting Donald Trump means that you’re no longer on either side. You’re realizing that the “right vs. left” crap doesn’t work anymore.

I try to tell liberals to think outside the box and get informed but of course, nobody listens to me. They still follow the mainstream media, all those liberal alternative sites and social networking like I explained above. They believe that garbage is credible and reliable which is just sad really. They’re getting brainwashed to think “liberal”. Not me, though. I’m not falling for any of that liberal crap and the same goes for “right-wing” crap. I don’t like how the conservative community and the GOP is going these days so I stopped following all that garbage. I just tell the truth on both sides of the spectrum now which is how it should be.

If you’re one of those who believes that the “left-wing” is good and the “right-wing” bad then I don’t want to talk to you. I can’t support people like that ’cause I can never get into intelligent debates with those people or else they’re gonna call me a bunch of names like “racist”, “bigots”, “conspiracy theorists”, etc. I only debate politics with smart people, not with the misinformed.

This is one reason why we need Trump in office ’cause we need to teach Americans to stop being one-sided in politics. This “right vs. left” war is what’s destroying the country. Trump will be the great unifier and will figure out a way to bring us all back together again. Stop this back and forth hating. I hear Donald Trump, though. It is amazing how much hatred we have toward each other. Liberals hating conservatives and conservatives hating liberals. We can’t have that. It would be nice if we can all stop the hating and love each other, ya know?

For the past seven years or so under Obama’s presidency, there has been nothing but heated debates over: gay marriage, homosexuality, gun control, race relations, Muslims, Immigration, etc. Enough is enough! Liberals have given us so much shit and now conservatives are becoming just as “intolerant”. We can’t have this ’cause this is getting too aggressive. It’s what Obama wants, though. He wants the political parties divided like this ’cause it’s part of how he’s destroying the country. Think about it.


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