Thank you Mike Ditka!


Mike Ditka is thinking the same thing we’ve all been thinking which is why we all support Donald Trump. Of course, I’m sure libtards are knocking the hell out of Mike for telling it like it is. That’s the problem we’re having in America. Each time someone tells the truth about Barack Obama, this person will get a lot of shit for it knowing from my own experience. Libtards are probably calling this guy a right-wing nutjob, a racist and a bigot or whatever name libtards can come up with these days.

What’s even sadder is that libtards still can’t the evil in Obama. They always want to act like Obama is doing nothing wrong to the country. Even worse there are a lot of libtards that still worship Obama like he’s a king.

That’s the problem with the country, people having one-sided political opinions. It’s disgusting. While I agree with Mike that Obama is the worst president in history, I disagree with Mike on one thing is that when he said that Obama is a “fine” man. Haha! Obama is not a nice guy either. I can tell ya that.

We need more people like Mike Ditka to speak up and tell the truth about our president. We shouldn’t have to get knocked for saying so. I thought this was the United States of America?


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