The main reason why I support Donald Trump ’cause he fights back at the media and the PC crowd!


Why do I love Donald Trump’s presidential campaign so much? The answer is quite simple really. It’s simply because he fights back at the corrupted and dishonest news media. He also fights back at the politically correct zombies. What’s even more impressive is that he’s winning at everything. There’s so many reasons why I love Donald Trump (not trying to sound gay or anything) but the main reason why is ’cause he fights back at the media. You guys know how much I hate the news. I’ve hated the news for years. I always knew that the media is so dishonest and corrupt.

Never before we had a presidential candidate who fought back at the news media. I’ve never seen anything like it. Most presidential candidates over the years were too afraid to fight back at the media but not Donald Trump. That’s why I’m going crazy over his campaign ’cause what he’s doing is pretty incredible stuff! Mr. Trump is exposing how corrupt and dishonest the news media is and he’s doing a very good job of it too!

Even liberals are starting to admit that the news media is corrupt after how they’re treating Bernie Sanders.

I used to watch the news all the time. In the past, I used to watch NBC, CNN, FOX News and all that stuff but under the Obama presidency the news is so damn one-sided that I stopped watching the news altogether a long time ago. I don’t watch any news shows at all. I don’t even watch FOX News even though many has accused me of it due to my right-wing views. The news is garbage, y’all. All of it.

You guys really need to kill your TV badly. If you do your research and get your facts straight you would then see how the news media is full of shit most of the time. Honest journalism has been dead for decades actually. The American people is fed up with our news media and that’s why we’re all supporting Donald Trump. It’s our way of fighting back at the news media. I can’t stand our news media ’cause they are so dishonest about the Obama presidency, dishonest about Hillary, dishonest about the liberal party, dishonest about terrorism, etc. Like most, I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of one-sided news reporting.

That’s why we need Donald Trump in office so we can change the way the media reports its news. We need the media being realistic on both sides of the spectrum. We need honest journalism back is what we need ’cause we don’t have that anymore. Please wake up and stop taking the media seriously! That’s all I want you to do, guys! It’s easy to understand!



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