Video: Why is Donald Trump hated so much? It’s because he talks like a businessman/CEO!!!

Everybody wonders why Donald Trump is such a loudmouth. People wonder why Mr. Trump is so brash, egotistical and tough. Why does he always seem angry all the time? The answer is simple really… it’s because that’s how CEO’s of businesses really are. Donald Trump is a CEO. Many of you don’t understand what a CEO does or how they act. Pretty much all CEO’s act tough like that. If you work for a CEO of any business then you wouldn’t like the CEO because he’s so tough and mean all the time. Why? Simply because CEO’s don’t have time for bullshit, political correctness or drama. The job of the CEO of a business is that they must solve problems and get things done. People hate Mr. Trump ’cause he simply talks like a CEO/Businessman while politicians are all talk and no action.

Mr. Trump talks the way he does ’cause of years of working for businesses over the years of his life. Being a loudmouth and tough is how he became a successful businessman and it’s why the Trump empire is still thriving today.

This is the kind of president we need in the White House. We need a CEO who is a good negotiator. Someone who is good at solving problems and getting things done. Someone who is not a career politician. Mr. Trump talks like that ’cause that’s the way all CEO’s are. Vince McMahon is the same way.

Other famous CEO’S like Steve Jobs especially, he was a really tough guy. Steve Jobs may have been a pretty mean guy but he had to do what he had to do to keep Apple alive and successful. I’m sure Bill Gates is a pretty tough guy in order to keep Microsoft alive.

You wanna work for a CEO you better be ready ’cause they don’t deal with any bullshit look at Steve Jobs as an example. Mr. Trump is just like other CEO’s, he’s no different. That’s another reason why I love Mr. Trump ’cause he’s businessman-like. Mr. Trump talks like that after many years of working with people for his empire. If you hate Mr. Trump, now you may know exactly how people who work for him feel about him.

This is the kind of president we need. We need a businessman president for once.



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