Why you got to keep treating Donald Trump positively, if you’re a Trump supporter that is…

If you’re a Trump supporter then chances are, you’re probably gonna get your liberal friends, family and Ted Cruz supporters to try to talk you out of supporting him. Whenever you want to post positive things about Mr. Trump, chances are people will reply in the comments ripping Mr. Trump anyways. It’s really pathetic, ya know? It’s amazing to me how hateful and spiteful people can be toward Mr. Trump. I just ignore them, though. Just ignore their bullshit and continue to post positive things about Mr. Trump. The haters don’t like it when you post positive things about him.

Why do I keep posting positive things about Mr. Trump? It’s simply because I’m trying to prove that the media is not who they are trying to depict Mr. Trump to be. I’m trying to prove that the media is wrong about Mr. Trump on a lot of things. The media wants to make Trump look like a racist and they want to make it look like that Trump hates women. I want to show people that they are wrong about both of those things. The media also wants to make Trump look like a mean person to people and I want to prove them wrong on that too.

All people want to do is treat Trump negatively. Well I want to treat Mr. Trump positively and I’ve always had ever since this election started. All I want to do is prove to people that Trump is actually a good man. He’s not the villain that the media depicts him out to be. It’s pretty crazy of how the media tries their best to make Donald Trump look like a bad person when he isn’t really.

The haters get mad when we tell them he’s not a bad person and they get even more mad when we show them proof. There’s all kinds of proof out there that Mr. Trump does kind things to people but they want to ignore most of it.

If you want Trump to win, you gotta keep proving the haters wrong about a lot of stuff. It’s working too. When you show proof that he’s not a racist and not misogynistic, you get nothing but silence from the haters. They don’t say anything after that. That’s because they don’t want to admit that he’s a good person.

Anybody who continues to hate Mr. Trump ’cause the media tells you to is a pretty naive person. We’re all supporting him ’cause we’re not listening to the media’s bullshit.

Mr. Trump is not a negative and hateful person at all. He’s actually a very positive guy who’s trying to do good things for America but people want to treat him like he’s the enemy. It’s amazing that Mr. Trump is getting all this outrage when Barack Obama should have gotten this same outrage back in 2008. That’s messed up. Barack Obama is the enemy, not Mr. Trump. If you can’t see that then all that proves is that you really are a one-sided loser.

People want me to stop supporting Trump. They want me to join the hating bandwagon but I never will. I’m staying loyal to Mr. Trump ’cause I really do believe he’s the best bet to run the country. Anybody who hates him is an uneducated loser who doesn’t understand what’s really going on in America.



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