Thoughts on the Trump rally in Albany last night @ the Times Union Center…

More about last night’s Trump rally. It was a lot of fun and interesting at the same time.

It was the most patriotic event I ever went to. There were lots of American loving people all over. The event was very positive. It did turn out to be a peaceful night after all.
There were people of all demographics and all ages at the Trump rally in Albany last night. There were plenty of women around too.

Yeah, there were those loony Bernie fans there out to disrupt things but there were no riots and no fights or anything. That’s because the protesters were kept behind barricades on Pearl St. and they were surrounded by police so they wouldn’t dare start a riot anyways. So the loony protesters were pretty peaceful at least. I have video of me picking on the protesters and will have them up later today.

Trump delivered a killer speech like always. He talked about The Wall on the Mexico border like always, he talked about the voting stuff that went on with Colorado, he bashed Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders a lot, of course he bashed Hillary Clinton also, he called out the news media (who were there at the rally, btw) and talked about many other things. Those loony Bernie fanatics tried to disrupt Trump’s speech but he had the security throw them out each time. At one point, Trump was like, “Get ’em out of here, Get ’em the hell out of here”. It was amazing.

I’ll have more photos and video later today. It was a great night and I had a total blast! Glad I went!



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