Video: I finally get to tell the news media to “Fuck Them All”… thanks Mr. Trump!!!

Carl Paladino who is a businessman from Buffalo, NY opened the Trump rally to help introduce Mr. Trump. In this video Mr. Paladino was just talking about how bad the news media is with the political correctness… so Paladino pointed to the stage in the back where all the camera people were (who were the news media) and Paladino got the crowd to boo them so I joined in on the booing. That’s who all the people behind the barricade were, mostly local news people like WNYT, the Times Union and stuff like that. The local news is just as corrupted as the national news, no difference. They’re both the same but I’m so glad I finally get the opportunity to say “Fuck them all” to the media. That was awesome and I feel good about that.



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