The media is in bed with Hillary, that’s why they go after Trump and Bernie…

Ever wondered why the media treats Trump and Sanders so unfairly? The answer is simple really… it’s because the media is in bed with Hillary. The media wants Hillary to become president and they’re doing whatever they can to try to make her president. It’s pretty sickening to me that the media treats Hillary like a queen and I could never understand that.

The media is pretty messed up and this election proves that. Maybe if Hillary wasn’t running this year, they would treat Trump a little more fairly.

I don’t watch or read the news anymore or at least, I try not to. I still do read the news online a little bit but I try to get news from stuff that is not from the mainstream, ya know? I try to get news from alternative sources ’cause the alternative media is more honest than the mainstream media. Alternative media sources like Breitbart News, The Drudge Report, InfoWars, Townhall, The Daily Caller and things like that.

I don’t like the mainstream news like most people. If you follow the MSM like: NBC, CNN, the Washington Post, NY Times, etc. then all you’re doing is getting brainwashed and manipulated by these people.

The media and the NeverTrump crowd are trying all they can to tell us that Trump is wrong for America but as you can tell, most of us aren’t buying into their bullshit. America has spoken. Most of us want Trump as president. It’s a shame that people can’t accept that.



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