Victory for Mr. Trump! Congrats to him on 1237!!! SUCK IT HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016

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I’ve been told by many people saying that Mr. Trump won’t get the nomination. A few idiots on my blog said he would never make it past the primaries and some through my facebook page said the same thing. The #NeverTrump crowd were hoping for a Contested Convention but that only happens when a candidate can’t get the 1237… well Mr. Trump just did. He’s officially the GOP nominee. I knew he would make it. This is a huge middle finger to all Trump haters who doubted him.

Lyin’ Ted even said that nobody will make the 1237 so take that Lyin’ Ted Cruz, you prick.

The primaries are still on and there are 5 states left which all will take place on Super Tuesday this coming Tuesday. Trump will take those states and will get more than 1237.

I’ll make another celebration video when the primaries are all over.

Congrats Mr. Trump! I’m so proud of you!



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