Will Hillary drop out of race ’cause of Trump attacks? Would be tough but I predict she will…

Wow. Mr. Trump has been hammering Hillary like mad all day today. It’s good though. Like the title of this topic says will Hillary drop out of race due to the Trump attacks? It’ll be hard to get her to drop out but I think she will once she can’t take too much pressure from him. Trump took out 16 other GOP candidates ’cause they couldn’t take the attacks from Trump. I think the same will happen to Hillary. It’ll be hard to do but it can be done if he keeps hammering her

Hillary’s gonna laugh and smile at his attacks but I’m sure he’ll say something that’ll make her upset. Give it time. As a matter of fact, Trump already did get her upset since she told him to delete his twitter account so that’s a good start.

Hillary’s gonna try to stay in the race no matter what happens but she could drop out the more Trump keeps exposing her. Hell, I heard Julian Assange is planning to expose her over the e-mails and Benghazi so hopefully that’ll be good enough to get her to dropout. Once again, getting Hillary to dropout of the race will be hard but it can be done somehow. Just gotta expose her for one of her crimes.

If Hillary plans on staying in the race until Nov. then she better be ready to debate Trump face to face ’cause I don’t think she could handle him. He’s gonna destroy her bad. That’s why Bernie didn’t drop out of the race ’cause he’s waiting for something to happen to Hillary. She’s either gonna dropout of the race or go to jail. Take your pick.


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