If you hate Trump then you probably take the media seriously…


If you’re a NeverTrumper then chances are you probably take these media sources seriously listed above. This list is probably where you get your info from. A lot of people like to accuse Trump of manipulating the media to get votes? Well admittedly most of that is true ’cause Trump is smart. The man’s a fucking genius. He knows how to attract more votes by being the MSM Puppet Master.

You see not all of the media are against Trump. If you want real news, you should check out Breitbart News, InfoWars and The Drudge Report. Those three I just mentioned are just a few real journalists left. Those three sites do a good job at reporting real “facts” going on in this world. Fuck the rest of the MSM. All the MSM does is report one-sided news that is aimed at the left even FOX News is being pretty liberal these days.

I don’t take the media seriously ’cause I try to ignore most of it most of the time. At least I try to anyway. The media is real disgusting and I thank Trump on how he exposed how bad the media is getting. The media thinks it’s destroying Trump but the reality is they are actually helping him become the next president. Trump will be the next president as the General Election is just around the corner, it’s like two or three months away. I really can’t wait to get Trump elected ’cause we really need him pretty badly. There are still delusional Hillary supporters out there but I don’t care about them.

There’s no doubt that NeverTrumpers get their info from the MSM ’cause when I see the Trump haters share articles that make him look bad… they are usually from those liberal sources listed above (CNN, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, etc.)

Trump is gonna be the next president and can’t wait!


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