Is it possible for Democrats/liberals & independents to change their views to support Trump? Absolutely!

Check this interesting video out. This lady from Infowars goes to a Trump rally to see if she can find Democrats and independent voters to see if they’re voting for Donald Trump in November. Well, turns out she found plenty! Yep, Donald Trump has always been accused of having conservative and Republican voters only but not really true. Trump is for everybody, ya know? You can still be a liberal and an independent if you want to support Trump. If you have left-wing views and independent views and if you want to support Trump, go right ahead. Why are these Democrats and independents supporting Trump? Well watch the video. Sounds to me that they got themselves informed. Did their homework and they woke up. There are too many Democrats & Liberals who are on one side of the spectrum but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Many Democrats/liberals are disappointed with their own party and none of them want to vote for Hillary either.

If you call yourself a liberal or an independent voter, don’t be afraid of Trump. Don’t listen to the media and do your research. Maybe then you would see why Trump is the right man for the job. These people in this video are smart. They’re smarter than most libtards these days.


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