NeverTrump idiots will never admit they get their info from mainstream media & social networking, this is their usual defense…

When you call Never Trump idiots out for their disgusting hatred for Donald Trump and then you try to warn them not to believe in the media’s crap, this is the haters usual defense… “I don’t get the stuff from the media. All the stuff come from him”.


I’m sure you’ve heard that from the Trump haters before. They say that because they will never admit that they get their shit from the media and social networking groups.

I try my best to tell the haters not to fall for the media’s crap but they don’t listen. They just ignore me and just continue to listen to the media and social networking groups. They’re always sharing negative articles about Trump written by liberal sources and they’re always sharing misinformed memes from liberal facebook groups such as “Occupy Democrats”. They share that stuff in facebook everyday and they will never admit that they get their shit from the media? Really?

When they say they get their stuff from Trump’s own mouth, they really can’t prove it. That’s what the media does, they fabricate what he says, twist his words around and they would do anything it takes to make him look bad so they can elect Hillary. A lot of people are turned off with Trump because of his comments on John McCain, the handicapped and him saying stuff about women. All that is bullshit. They’re just media attacks and hit jobs. Sad that these people believe in those things and they are still gullible people who still believes everything the media says.

You see, I’m not afraid to go after the NeverTrump crowd and destroy them like I’ve been doing in those Election Day Countdown videos.

When NeverTrump idiots say things like, “I get these things from Trump himself”, I think it means they couldn’t take the truth and it bothered them.  Never Trump idiots just love it when social networking groups such as Being LIberal and Occupy Democrats post negative things about Trump. They love it when Trump gets in trouble. They can’t understand that the media makes stuff up about Trump that’s not true and sad that they actually believe everything.

Millions of people continue to support Trump no matter what the media says ’cause we all are smart enough to know that the media is full of shit most of the time. We don’t listen to them. When they say “I get these things from Trump himself”, it shows that they are not smart and they just lost the debate.



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