Hulk Hogan returning to WWE after Gawker feud? I wouldn’t be surprised and I hope he does return! Honestly!!!

Once before, I admitted that I used to be a Hulk Hogan hater but I don’t think I am anymore. After all this Gawker stuff, I now believe that Gawker messed with the wrong guy and really believe that Hulk is innocent this time. I had a change of heart with Hogan and now I’m a fan again.

Yeah, Hulk is probably gonna return to the WWE and he will probably have his last match at the next Wrestlemania which will be WM-33. Who should Hulk have his final match with?

It’ll probably be none other than Vince McMahon. Hulk and Vince already had a match together at Wrestlemania 19 but I’m feeling a Hulk vs. Vince match #2 is coming on. I wouldn’t be surprised that this whole Gawker thing gets turned into a WWE storyline and it probably will. Hulk will probably challenge Vince for a match for firing him over it. That’s probably what the storyline is gonna be. A whole new Vince vs. Hulk feud is coming.

Hulk will probably return sometime before the next Wrestlemania ’cause I know he’s gonna want to have a main event for the next one. Hulk could probably return at the next Royal Rumble, though, he could be a surprise entrant during the 30 man rumble matchup. I can see that happening.



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