Celebrating Trump’s Victory… President Trump, yeah!!!

Well, I hate to be the one to tell y’all, I toldjaso but yeah, I toldjaso. I tried warning the NeverTrump idiots that they’re all going to get a nice surprise on Election Day Tuesday Nov. 8th and they got it. Instead, they ignored me and continued to believe in the media’s lies that Trump is gonna lose. Well he didn’t. He won big time like I’ve been trying to tell you guys for a long time.

Voter Fraud and rigged elections tried to stop Trump but it didn’t work. I’ve been trying to tell you all for days now that Trump is bigger than voter fraud and rigged elections. Dishonest media who is controlled by Hillary and Barack Obama didn’t stop him even though they tried. They tried to pay off Bernie to try and stop him but that didn’t work either.

The delusional left, independent voters and some conservatives who hate Trump predicted he would lose. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now they’re in total meltdown. Bashing Trump supporters in their social networking pages. Deleting/blocking Trump supporters like mad.

The GOP retook Congress and the Senate which is excellent and now we finally have a Republican president again.

The Bush’s, the Obama’s and the Clintons all had a hand in destroying the country pretty good and we’re all fed up with it. That’s why we got Trump now, thanks to you. Time to put an end to political correctness and bring back honesty. Time to bring back the economy and jobs. Time to get rid of government corruption and jail all the criminals in Washington. This is what we’ve been fighting for. We’ve been fighting for this for decades. We want a president who finally believes in America and we got him.

I think Trump as president will be great for the country. Maybe the haters will come around and have a change of heart once they start working better paying jobs again. Getting better care at hospitals when Obamacare is gone. Getting better education at schools when CommonCore is gone. Stopping all this back and forth hatred with people and unify us whether it will be political parties, race, etc. We all need to bring us all together and love each other again. That’s why we wanted Trump. The American dream. I’m sure Trump will do a great job and will fulfill his promises.

Remember what I said that the General Election is the real poll that matters? It’s the people that should elect the president, not the media and we really showed ’em big time.

I didn’t get much sleep last night ’cause I stayed up all night watching the election and seeing what’s going on with the internet. I stayed up to watch Trump’s victory speech too. The Associated Press first reported Trump Victory before everything else but the election polls on TV was late on calling it. That’s because Hillary refused to concede and ordered a recount. She’s in charge of everything. She finally gave up and let Trump have the presidency. She had no choice but to give it to him.

Now lets hope Trump throws Hillary and Barack Obama in prison very soon. I’m feeling it will happen.

Today is a great day. I’m very happy!




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