Now lets predict the Trump administration and his cabinet…

For secretary of state, should be Newt Gingrich like what most people are predicting.

For press secretary… that one should go to Wayne Allyn Root ’cause that guy speaks the truth and doesn’t lie about anything. Sean Hannity wouldn’t be bad either.

The new DOJ/Attorney General should be none other than Trey Gowdy, it’s gotta be someone who knows the law very well. Gowdy knows the law since he used to be a lawyer.  I can see him being a part of Trump’s cabinet soon enough, he won’t be a bad choice for DOJ as well.

Defense Secretary should be Michael Flynn for sure.  Health and Human Services should be either Dr. Ben Carson  or Dr. Rand Paul ’cause both have experience in the medical and health field. Dept of agriculture should go to none other than Gov. Chris Christie for sure.

I’m sure Sarah Palin would be involved in Trump’s cabinet, oh you betcha. I think the Dept. of Energy would be a great fit for her ’cause if you’ve been paying attention she seems to care about the Earth and all that stuff more than Bernie ever would.

How about Homeland Security? That should go to none other than Sheriff David Clarke or Sheriff Joe Arpaio (since he lost his bid for Sheriff re-election you know he’s gonna be involved in Trump’s cabinet soon).

I’m sure Trump will get his kids involved in the cabinet… you know Ivanka, Donald Jr. or Eric will get involved in something. Donald Jr. wouldn’t be a bad press secretary either. if you think about it






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