Liberalism got defeated badly… I knew it would happen!!!


I remember a long while back that one day we’re gonna get a huge “conservative” movement. Did my prediction just came true? Most of the US is now red. Congress is now red — both the House and the Senate. Now we have a red president. Now it looks like we’re gonna get a red Supreme Court too. Gee, no wonder liberals are furious! There’s a pretty good reason why liberals lost.

It’s because we’re tired of their intolerance. Tired of their political correctness. Tired of their bullshit. Tired of them calling people names when they disagree with us… all they got during a debate is to call us names like “racist”, “bigot” or “sexist”. They can get pretty hateful to people who don’t agree with them. Enough is enough! We’re fed up with liberals thinking that they believe the world revolves them most of the time. Well it doesn’t and they just found that out last Tuesday.

We’re officially no longer the silent majority and I’m loving it! We spoke loud and proud and we did that last Tuesday. We’re tired of liberals trying to take away our freedom of speech and expression away from us. Not this time. I always knew that the NeverTrump crowd had a small audience and we proved that last Tuesday as well.

Liberals claim to be political “activists” and “protesters” but they aren’t. We are. We did all the protesting by rejecting liberalism last Tuesday. This is why liberals are raging mad lately. It isn’t only because we support Donald Trump, it’s because they couldn’t take it that there is a new conservative movement now. That’s what is pissing them off. It’s a great feeling, though. I’m a very anti-liberal person and I think they deserved that defeat totally. Liberals treat people horribly, that’s why they lost the vote. Liberals gave us Barack Obama, we gave them Trump. That’s our revenge. That’s our payback. So I don’t give a flying two shits if liberals are upset at election results. They can kiss my ass for all I care.



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