Once Obama leaves office on Jan. 20th then I’ll follow the White House in social networking…

Man, I can’t wait for Barack Obama to leave and that will be Jan. 20th. The day Trump will take over as president. Once Trump takes over the White House, I’ll follow the official White House youtube channel, twitter page and FB. I can’t follow the White House social networking under Obama but I will when Trump gets in. That way I can keep up with all of Trump’s speeches as president, all the press conferences and things like that.

I really can’t wait for Obama to leave. Good riddance.

Speaking of social networking, will Trump be able to run his twitter account @realDonaldTrump? Not sure if he will still use that twitter or use an official president twitter or what but we’ll wait and see what goes on. When Trump gets sworn in, he won’t be on twitter as much anymore, I’m feeling ’cause he’ll be too busy making America great again! I’m sure he’ll still write in a tweet once in a blue moon, though.



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