Maybe the NYTimes Trump quotes during their meeting was all bullshit after all???

I think all those quotes by the NY Times during their meeting with Trump was all fake, could be possible. Media is trying to do whatever it takes to make us feel like we’ve voted the wrong guy. The NY Times trying to make it look like that Trump is changing his mind on a lot of things.

Remember now, the NYTimes is the last place where you want to get your info from ’cause they are the most untrustworthy newspaper ever. I have a feeling that Trump is gonna shoot it all down.

Even worse, there are reports saying that Trump is eyeing Mitt Romney to be Secretary of State and I also think that’s bullshit. Once again, media trying to get Trump supporters to turn their back on Trump.

I had a feeling this was going to happen once Trump wins the election. Don’t trust the media, y’all. Only listen to Trump himself, not what the media says. Hopefully Trump will shoot down all this bullshit about him soon. Only listen to Trump, not the NYTimes or other media.

Thanks to SaltwaterPatricia for trying to keep us Trump supporters strong and tough. I’ll never turn my back on Trump! Fuck the media!



2 thoughts on “Maybe the NYTimes Trump quotes during their meeting was all bullshit after all???”

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping Trump will put out a statement or do an interview ripping the NY Times for lying about Trump again. I think he will.

      I’m almost pretty sure Trump never really said all that bullshit. He won’t hurt America like that. 😉


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