Trump just won the election for the third time, y’all… now will you quit crying, please???


LMAO… watching Hillary lose the election over and over, never gets old. Trump won the General Election, Trump won the recounts and now he just won the electoral college. This makes it official that he’s the next president. I dare you libtards try it again for the fourth time. I’m sure you’ll think of something else. When will you libtards ever give yourself up and learn to accept the fact that Trump is our next president? Nope. You’ll always be crying. Once he gets sworn into office, I’m sure you libtards will do all you can to impeach him which you will fail at as well.

It won’t be long now and Trump is gonna get sworn in pretty soon on Jan. 20th. That day can’t come soon enough. I’m real tired of libtards acting like Obama & Hillary are king and queen. Really? It’s disgusting that they get treated positively and getting all this protection when they don’t deserve it. I feel that Obama and Hillary has been defended so much when they didn’t deserve that at all. If anybody takes Obama & Hillary seriously then chances are, they probably watch garbage like NBC Nightly News, CNN or reads the Washington Post.

Get the hint y’all, we’re tired and fed up with liberalism. Today should be good enough to show that liberalism has a small audience. We’re no longer intimidated by liberals and we’re now fighting back at them pretty hard. No more of their bullshit. We’re done with liberalism. It’s about freakin’ time. Enough of their whacky delusions and whacky views. JFK put a man on the moon, Obama sent a man in the women’s bathroom. How messed up is that? Is that what liberals want? Do they really believe Climate Change is man made and a threat to our lives? Liberals really are a bunch of goofballs. They think the world revolves around them and today should be good enough for them to see that the world doesn’t revolve around them at all. Time to get our country back and that will happen on Jan. 20th when Obama is out and Trump is in. GET READY FOR REAL HOPE AND CHANGE!


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