Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and others were paid by Soros to attack Trump during primary election… no surprise, there… #LockUpSoros

Well, this doesn’t surprise me at all… if you see people attacking the hell out of Trump then chances are, you can very well believe they were paid by someone to do it. Either paid by the Clintons or George Soros. Probably George Soros has been doing the most work, though.

George Soros, some 90 year old billionaire from Hungary wasting a lot of money paying people to attack Trump. Why would people accept his payment to attack Trump? Well, chances are the people hired by Soros were probably desperate for money ’cause they don’t have much of a career themselves. All these so-called Republicans/Conservatives being paid by Soros are RINOS (as in republicans who claim to be conservative but still having left-wing views, I think that’s what RINO means).

My question is doesn’t George Soros have better things to spend money on? He’s spending a lot of money on hiring people to attack Trump, Soros is paying for all these rioters to invade Trump rallies and Milo rallies, I bet he is also paying the mainstream media loads of money to have liberal bias, etc.

I’m sure Soros is paying Democrat Senator, Bernie Sanders loads of money to attack Trump. Even though most politicians stopped attacking Trump after election, Crazy Bernie is still going. It’s obvious he is being paid by Soros too, how do you think Bernie was able to afford that $600,000 Lake House?

George Soros is an evil prick and needs to be locked up. Why won’t Trump say something about Soros? If Trump wants to solve all his problems, he needs to lock up Soros in Federal Prison. Get rid of Soros then all attacks against Trump would stop.

Soros is a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around him. Why does Soros hates Trump so much? Yeah Soros and Trump are both billionaires but Trump’s career is more successful and more powerful than Soros, maybe that’s why Soros is mad. Soros wants the life that Trump has.



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