Trump haters just love seeing Trump getting attacked, that’s why media and celebrities won’t give it up…

Ever wonder why media and hollywood celebrities won’t give up their Trump bashing? It’s simply because liberals and some conservatives who are “anti-Trump” love it when Trump is attacked. That’s why they keep it going. Not giving up the Trump bashing. Media keeps it going ’cause they believe that’s what the American people want to see. They continue to target an audience who are gullible and naive. So a lot of people continues to believe everything the MSM says. As long as the MSM says Trump is a bad guy then it must be true, hey?

The same thing with celebrities. They keep it going with the Trump bashing because they believe that’s what they want their fans to see. Their fans are mostly liberal and pretty loyal. Celebrities think that bashing Trump all the time would be a good way to promote their careers and that’s why I think that’s what they do it for. They think Trump bashing helps promotes their careers but it doesn’t. All it does is that it causes people to boycott.

The trouble is media and celebrities think the Trump bashing they do has an audience when the truth is nobody wants to see any Trump bashing. Proof of that is that the Oscar awards ratings  has gone so low this year.

Yeah, Trump haters on facebook and twitter just love seeing Trump getting attacked, no doubt. They love seeing attack memes and they love seeing attack articles by fake news MSM. Trump haters are obsessed with Trump getting attacked. They find it entertaining and funny to them. They don’t care if the Trump attacks whether it’s by memes or articles are totally false or bullshit. As long as Trump is getting attacked, that’s all they care about. Whenever a celeb attacks Trump, the anti-Trump crowd will become a fan of that person. When the MSM writes an attack article on Trump even though the article is fake news, the anti-Trump crowd will still believe what they report. Sad. All of it.

It’s sad that the anti-Trump crowd will only listen to the MSM, celebrities and late night-talk show hosts when it comes to Trump news. They won’t listen to real people like me at all. Whenever I say positive stuff about Trump, the anti-Trump crowd will ignore it most of the time. They’re wasting their time re-sharing attack memes against Trump and obsesses over celebrities attacking him. Once again, as long as they say it then it must be true, huh? Don’t listen to Trump the man himself and don’t listen to real people like me. Always got to listen to the media and celebrities. That’s what’s wrong with this world. They never think outside the box and never do their homework.

As long as there is still an anti-Trump crowd, the media and celebrities will keep attacking Trump. If they didn’t have an audience then I’m sure they wouldn’t attack Trump at all.

Most of us are on board for Trump and supporting him ’cause we’re not believing in the media’s and celebs crap. We’re not that naive and dumb at all. We support Trump ’cause we’re fed up with the MSM and hollywood. Fed up with it all. Think about it.



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