Today is another exciting and historic day but this is just the beginning, still a lot of work to do…

While today’s good announcement by President Trump that he’s pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord is freakin’ awesome and history making… another promise kept to keep America first. NeverTrumpers and FakeTrumpers kept doubting Trump about putting “America First” well, I think he just silenced the doubters once again.

Of course, this announcement by Trump upset the liberals and all those Climate Change fanatics. Yeah, I’m a Climate Change denier and quite proud of it. It’s funny watching all these celebrities get upset over it even more, though. I mean, if these celebs really cared about Climate Change then why do they collect all these cars at their homes? Why do they travel in really long limos to get to places where they want to go? Why do they have their own private jets? Why do they have electricity in their mansions when they are capable of getting solar panels for their homes? These celebs are hypocrites like usual. Also, they party on their yachts like a bunch of high schoolers.

I don’t believe in man-made Climate Change. It’s such a joke that these libtards think they can change the temperature or change the weather or whatever.

I believe in Science and LOVE IT. I do believe pollution is real but you don’t see the left doing anything to clear up the air and clean the water in our rivers, lakes or even the oceans. This “Fight For Climate Change” movement is silly. Liberals are more concerned about that than terrorism?

I do believe in making the environment better, though, don’t get me wrong… I just don’t believe “climate” is man made.

If you want to see “real” Climate Change look at the sun or the sky or the four seasons: Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer. That’s all the Climate Change there is really.

You liberals and snowflakes are upset about this? Well, this is just the beginning ’cause there will be even more winning up ahead. Trump will make you so mad that he’ll make you bang your head on your computer desks.


One thought on “Today is another exciting and historic day but this is just the beginning, still a lot of work to do…”

  1. What are you talking about? Climate change IS a resultof pollution, so who do you think has been leading the charge, since BEFORE climate change was recognized? Liberals. Greenpeace? Sierra Club? Arbor Day Foundation? If it weren’t for progressive (liberal) policies, regulations to prevent toxic emissions, wastewater dumping,etc.would not be in place/enforced and pollution, etc. would be MUCH worse – hence the “liberal” Paris Accord, which seeks to LIMIT POLLUTION to reduce the effects of climate change.

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