Happy 71st birthday, President Trump…

On a lighter note, happy birthday to the 45th president. Thank you for coming around to save us from Hillary Clinton. It takes a lot of balls to give up his empire and career to become President. That’s a huge part of why I respect this man. I don’t care what the haters and NeverTrump losers think. I stand with my president 100% and I believe in him, 100%. People who hate this man are just brainwashed by the MSM.

Despite the Alexandria shooting tragedy, I’m sure Mr. President will have a good birthday celebrating with his family. I’m so proud of this president. All day today, he didn’t focus on his birthday much… kept his most focus on responding to Alexandria, wishing the Army a happy birthday and celebrating Flag Day. Things that Obama would have never done. So refreshing!


2 thoughts on “Happy 71st birthday, President Trump…”

  1. Donald J. Trump is the boldest and brightest president the United States of America has ever seen. President Trump will always have my respect and admiration because, just like you say, “It takes a lot of balls to give up his empire and career to become President.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT TRUMP! Salute!


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