The mainstream media and social networking wants to turn everyone in America into liberals… they want to destroy “conservatism”…

So is the goal of mainstream media and social networking is to destroy “conservatism” in America? That’s all I think what they’re trying to do. No doubt that liberal bias in America pretty much started under Obama. Before the Obama presidency, liberalism wasn’t that bad. Obama definitely made “liberalism” a lot worse for sure. It was him that started this whole “liberalism vs. conservatism” in America.

Liberal media and social media (like FB/twitter) wants to make conservatives and patriotic people look bad. There is liberal bias everywhere still even after the Obama presidency. Obama did all he could to win the 2008 elections so in order for him to get “liberal” votes, he must try to get liberals to go against us conservatives which he was successful at pretty much.

The MSM, social networking and Democrat politicians are trying all they can to turn everyone into liberals but most of us in America aren’t falling for it. That’s why Donald Trump won the presidency ’cause we aren’t gonna cave into liberals.

The reason liberals are getting so aggressive against conservatives and why they try to intimidate us is ’cause it’s their way of trying to change our political views. They’re trying to make us feel bad for not thinking the way they do. So they lose their tempers and try to intimidate us, get us to change our thoughts. That’s why you get in trouble with liberals so much.

The mainstream media successfully got Obama elected. They tried to do the same thing again with Hillary but it didn’t work this time. More people  in America woke up. Many former liberals finally decided to take the red pill and change their views to “right-wing” instead.

Media and social networking wants to turn us all into liberals but not me. I’ll never cave. I’ll never agree with them on anything. This is America, we should be able to think how we want to think. If you want to think “liberalism”, that’s fine. That’s your prerogative but you shouldn’t have to get us conservatives to change our views just because you disagree with them. That’s called “intolerance” and it’s why we insult you as “tolerant” liberals.

Part of why Donald Trump won is ’cause we’re sick of “liberalism”. Tired of the liberal bias in media. Tired of liberalism getting rammed in our faces at every turn. Promote liberalism all you want to, I’ll never be a liberal and I’m glad I never saw myself one. I’m glad I don’t call myself a liberal ’cause I don’t know what I would be like if I did call myself a liberal.

Liberals taking away freedom of speech from conservatives and we’re fed up with it. We should be able to have different opinions if we please. I’m sticking to my guns and speak to myself. That’s how it should be in America. Freedom of expression.

When liberals disagree with you on things, they give you all kinds of hell by calling you names and even yelling at you. For you conservatives who follow my blogs, I’m sure you go through the same thing. End up in a heated debate with a liberal, I’m tired of it. Liberals attacking you for no reason just because you expressed an opinion. It’s getting out of hand. That’s what the media and social networking wants them to do. It’s how they want them to treat conservatives. They’re teaching liberals to bully the “right”. Hoping to intimidate conservatives and change their views. Never happening with me and shouldn’t happen to you either.

Liberalism is a cancer and I’m hating it more and more. Liberals are intentionally trying to take away our freedoms. We shouldn’t have to be careful on what we say every time we open our mouths. It shouldn’t be like that at all. Liberals come after me all the time. Yes, they predictably try to get me to think I’m no “conservative” and thinking I’m a secret liberal which I’m not that at all. I’m very proud to be conservative and won’t change for anyone at all no matter how mad people get. The media can’t make me, social media can’t make me and people in the real world can’t make me either. Stick to your guns, no matter what.

They think liberalism is how we see the world but it’s not like that at all. Liberalism really sucks. We just tell it like it is and liberals can’t take reality. They continue to get brainwashed by MSM and social networking. Sad.





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