Liberals are becoming more belligerent to conservatives & Trump supporters more than ever… it’s terrifying…

Have you noticed that liberals in social networking have become more belligerent to conservatives and Trump supporters? I have. Liberals are getting worse under Trump as president. Liberals were pretty bad to conservatives under Obama yes but no doubt, the left has gotten much worse under Trump. It’s really terrifying of how the left is right now.

In facebook for example, when a conservative or Trump supporter wants to talk politics their FB post would get bombarded by liberals challenging a debate with them. I have been noticing that when liberals try to debate Trump supporters, they lose almost every time. Why do liberals lose debates a lot? Simply because they are merely brainwashed by the mainstream media. Each time I read responses to liberals debating people in facebook, they almost always have the same opinions and viewpoints as the MSM. That’s why they lose most of the time ’cause they can’t see the truth in things — they just go by what the media says. Liberals still see the media as  “credible” news which is sad, in my opinion. As long as the media says it then it must be true. It’s entertaining as hell to see liberals get owned by Trump supporters every time. The left is so brainwashed by Fake News, it’s just insane.

That’s what the media wants, though. The MSM wants liberals to be belligerent to the right. It’s the MSM’s sneaky way of trying to intimidate Trump supporters… their way of trying to get us to abandon Trump and not vote for him for 2020. Time out, stop right there. Not happening. I’m staying 100% loyal to Trump. I don’t care what the MSM says and I don’t care what the left says. They can get all over me all they want to. Trump is doing an excellent job as president so far so I will vote for him for 2020.

The MSM has gotten much worse also. They aren’t news anymore. They turned into political activists instead of reporting the truth. I miss the days when the news used to be real. I remember the days when CNN used to be a watchable network but now they’re horrible. All these networks used to be nice to Trump before he decided to run for president.

The left are a real piece of work for sure. Their temper tantrums are getting scary and all they want to do is argue most of the time. They won’t quit until you give in and agree with them. That’s why you should ignore liberals and not debate them. Liberals really do despise conservatives and Trump supporters. What gives them the right to be political activists over “hate” when all they do is hate the right-wing community 24/7?



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