My tweet calling out the double standards of Hillary and Donald using curse words goes viral…

Am I a twitter superstar now? Looks like I’m getting close to it! haha…

Over the weekend, a Huffington Post writer dropped this video of a drunk Hillary praising women that are feminists and activists. Then you hear a woman who was holding the cell phone camera got Hillary to say “activist bitches supporting bitches”.

Hillary Clinton Shout-Out To “Activist Bitches” Draws Raised Eyebrows Online

After I saw the video, I posted the tweet above for a laugh. I just posted it as a joke. I go away from my computer for a while after posting it and then about an hour later, I see that the tweet got over a thousand retweets very quickly. As you can see, the tweet has now over 18,000 likes. I guess you can say that the tweet has definitely gone viral for sure.

Even though I was joking, I was serious in a way. Calling out the double standards and hypocrisy when it comes to the left about using curse words. Because of my tweet, my notifications exploded and the traffic on the notifications kept busy all weekend and still going too. A huge debate between the right and the left going on about this on my twitter.

I got the right and the left all fired up which is amazing. Sometimes my tweets does get a lot of retweets but this is the most I’ve ever gotten. Not only that, my twitter has gotten more exposure in the right-wing community. I now have 705 followers for sure.

There is an interesting debate on this, however. I’m getting attacked by the left like mad on this tweet which is all you need to know about the left. There’s a couple of arguments of the left about this tweet and I’m about to give my thoughts on them right here:

The left-argument #No 1: Hillary was referring to some activist group… 

Um, no. She was referring to all women who were all activists and talking about die-hard feminists and all that stuff. I think she was referring to all the women marching, wearing the pink hats and all that, ya know? She was talking about the women who goes after Trump about allegedly treating women badly and all the sexual misconduct stuff going on in Hollywood lately. She wasn’t referring to a particular group. She was referring to all women. Whatever the left came up with the idea that she was talking about a certain group, I’m pretty sure that was a media lie to make her look good. I did research on the such group and no such group. A media lie for sure.

The left argument #No 2: Hillary is not president and Donald is… 

Well, at least they finally admitted that Donald Trump is their president and Hillary is not, lol. It doesn’t matter who is the president and who isn’t. Swearing is swearing. There’s no difference at all. It’s funny as hell to me that the left are trying all their best to explain the difference between them using curse worse. They said Hillary was positive and Donald the racist when he used “shithole countries”. Funny shit. The left is totally brainwashed by the media. They probably get this stuff from CNN and liberal FB groups like Occupy Democrats. It’s pathetic.

Hillary may not be president but she ran for the 2016 election and if she’s planning on running for 2020, she shouldn’t be using that language at all either. If they don’t want Trump using bad language then she shouldn’t be either. That’s the double standard I’m talking about.

The left argument #No 3: Hillary empowering women by calling them bitches… 

I love how the left is desperate in trying to justify Hillary for using the curse word “bitches” and act like she has every right to say it. It used to be offensive to call women “bitches” but wait for it. The left will make it okay to call women bitches very soon. Black people call women “bitches” and “hos” all the time but they get no flak for it but when white men call women “bitches”, everyone will hate you for it. What is wrong with this messed up world? More double standards for you all.

The left argument #No 4: Hillary was just drunk..

Hillary was always drunk. Hillary always had a drinking problem. She looked drunk through all the debates during the 2016 campaign trail. Could that explain all the collapsing? Anyway, the left wants to obsess over Trump’s health, I would take a guy who eats McDonalds over a dumb alcoholic any day, thank you. I’m glad we don’t have an alcoholic in the White House.

I guess I touched a nerve of the left with that tweet. Honestly, I didn’t think that tweet would get that much attention.

If you want to get popular on twitter, just tell the truth. That’s all you gotta do. Also, the right-wing community loves it when the left are triggered and I triggered the left pretty good with that tweet. If I want my twitter to get even bigger, I gotta think up some more tweets to trigger the left even more. If I keep it up, I could be like those popular conservatives on twitter.





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