Kim Kardashian hangs out with President Trump in the oval office… yes this is for real…

Well this one is unprecedented. Kim Kardashian, a die-hard liberal who doesn’t really hate the president? Wow. It may seem weird and all the liberals in America are thinking to themselves, “WTF?”. People would expect somebody like Kim K. to hate the president, but they are probably shocked to find out she has nothing against him. Yeah, no doubt Kim K. is a very liberal woman, so it looks like Kanye taught her well. I bet it was Kanye who taught her to respect and love the president. Is Kim a Trump supporter as well? It’s looking more and more likely that she is a secret supporter.

Anyhow, the reason she is there is ’cause she wants President Trump to pardon her great-grandmother who was jailed over non-violent drug offense and she was also there to talk to Trump about prison reform.

After Sylvester Stallone and now Kim K. visiting the president, other celebs should take note.

You don’t have to agree with Trump’s politics but that also means you don’t have to go hating on him either. It is possible to disagree with people but love them anyway. You should try it, liberals. It’s not that hard. It’s understandable that celebrities wants certain things from the president but hating on the guy is not how to get things done. Why don’t they try talking to the president himself to get things done? That’s what Kim K. and Sylvester Stallone just did. They worked with him instead of hating.

It may seem weird but I am liking Kim K. more and more. I think I’m a fan of hers now.


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