Happy birthday, President Trump…

I don’t feel ashamed at all for being a Trump supporter. In fact, I think it was one of the best decisions of my life to support him for the 2016 elections. We haven’t had great candidates in elections in decades and finally we get a good one. There was just no way in hell that I was going to support Hillary. Couldn’t do it. Yes, people gave me shit for supporting Trump but I don’t let that crap bother me. If people are ripping you for supporting Trump then chances are they supported Obama over the years. They were die-hard Obama fanatics.

So far, I’m very impressed with President Trump in office. No regrets voting for him and no regrets supporting him at all. I feel very proud. While it is disappointing that Trump didn’t build the wall yet and Hillary is not in jail yet, who cares. What matters most is that Trump really is making America great again. If you believe that Trump hasn’t been delivering promises then you really are brainwashed by Fake News and liberal social networking. Trump’s been delivering most every promise so far with the exception of the Wall and locking up Hillary but other than that, Trump is doing a great job so far and I’ll gladly vote for him again in 2020. Trump is going to win the re-election no matter what you think. After the successful Trump and Kim Jong-un meeting, I think he’s definitely going to win the re-election.

I know the IG report has been released today on Trump’s birthday and I’m going to get around to reading reports about it tonight. I don’t feel like reading a 500 page pdf documents so I’m just going to read articles online about it instead.

Happy birthday, Mr. President and I’m sure he’s having a good day today despite getting sued by the NY AG over the Trump foundation. I respect the man so much ’cause people beat him up verbally everyday and he just keeps working. The man is the master.


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