To drop bodyfat, all you gotta do is eat less calories, stay away from fatty foods, sugars… do all that, you’ll drop bodyfat in no time…

Well it seems that my bodyfat has gotten a lot lower lately ’cause I’ve been eating less calories a  lot lately and it seems to be doing the trick. My skin is feeling tighter than ever lately and I’m dying to know what percentage my bodyfat is right now. I’m thinking it must be %10 percent or a little lower than that. I gotta order a bodyfat caliper online and I can find out where it’s at myself.

I continue to eat like 4 or 5 meals a day everyday but I’ve been sticking with mostly low calorie foods. Trying to keep my calorie intake pretty low. I still eat a lot of high protein and low carb stuff, though. I continue to eat a lot of complex carbs too like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I’ve gotten better with nutrition and trying to educate myself with that.

If I happen to eat bad food for dinner, I won’t overeat and would only eat very little of it. My nutrition has gotten a lot more strict this year. I’ve been staying away from potato chips and bad soups. I’ve been staying away from cookies more (I still like to eat homemade cookies but only in moderation). I do a good job of avoiding simple carbs and other junk foods.

The only junk foods that I only touch are mostly pizza, ice cream and sometimes Chinese food ’cause you gotta have your cheat meals too which I have on the weekends only. You don’t have to avoid all bad foods completely but it’s okay to have that stuff on the weekends only. You gotta have some sugars and bad fats ’cause that actually helps build you muscle and get you bigger quicker. Cheat meals are good for you as long as you only have 1 or 2 cheat days a week, you’ll be fine. I only hog out on the weekends only ’cause I want to bring up a few pounds then I’ll try to lose it during the week.

Some of you may ask, do I keep a log of my meals by writing everything down like my macros and all that shit? I don’t but I should. At least I eat clean most of the time.

I just added rice cakes to my night time snacks ’cause they are very low in calories. I actually like rice cakes.

I just keep my clean nutrition very simple. I don’t do crazy shit like keto diets, plant based only diets, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, etc. I don’t do none of that garbage. I’m not a vegan and proud of it. I love meat and eat meat all the time. I eat a lot of fish, chicken breast and steak and proud of it.

I eat a lot of eggs too and I’m proud of it. I like eating foods from animals and if people don’t like it, that’s tough shit.

I’m doing my best with the nutrition part of fitness. Good eating and weightlifting go hand in hand. If you’re going to lift weights in the gym and not eat right then what’s the fucking point, ya know?


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