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15 More Local Musician stereotypes… part II…

I did a post on a bunch of different musician stereotypes that are out there well I can come up with 15 more.

Enjoy the post!

  • The fund my album/fund my tour musician: These are the ones who are begging their fan base to fund their albums and even tours. I’ve never been a big fan of crowdfunding for projects if other people wanna do it so be it. Not my thing.
  • The not care about their fans musician: Unfortunately you will see some of these. Not all musicians and bands care for their fans. Many will be into music for themselves. Some don’t care to interact with their fan base online and even at the gigs. It’s worse at the gigs, though. Some bands don’t use their shows to hang out with fans at all. They just hang out in the back or leave right after their gig.
  • The lazy promoter: You will see a lot of these. Bands and musicians not doing shit to promote their music or live shows. They mostly rely on social networking and doing nothing outside of that.
  • Local bands & solo artists with a manager: In my opinion, you don’t need a manager when you’re just a local musician but some of them will have managers. I just don’t get it but if they want to have one so be it.
  • The play dress up for your live shows musician: Some bands and artists take their shows so seriously. They’re not fashion shows. What’s wrong with just wearing jeans and t-shirt on stage?
  • Musicians who think they are comedians: You will see some musicians who try so hard to make people laugh and that’s all they do.
  • That cute couple who plays in the same band or in a acoustic duo together: You will always see couple musicians out there. This happens all over the place.
  • The always hope to play in front of huge crowds guy: There will always be musicians hoping to play in front of huge crowds at their gigs when they shouldn’t worry about that. Big crowd? Small crowd? Who cares! Just give the show your best shot either way!
  • The very talkative musician: There will always be a musician out there who just won’t stop talking. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy talkative people but when they go on and on and on and on… ugggghhhhh… that can get annoying after a while.
  • The quiet musician, the one who always keep to him or herself: You will see some shy ones out there too like myself. I’m guilty of being the quiet one ’cause that’s who I am.
  • The musician who plays on stage like a zombie, always looking bored: Just standing there playing their instrument looking bored. Not smiling, not dancing or moving around on stage. You will see some of these.
  • The musician who has way too much fun on stage: You will see some musicians on stage who looks to be having too much fun. Running around back and forth on stage, doing stunts like jumping in the air, climbing on equipment, smiling throughout the whole show, etc. I can go on.
  • The musician who is extremely talented but he/she doesn’t think so: You will see musicians who are very talented at what they do but they don’t think so. They don’t like compliments and they are very humble people. They just do their thing.
  • The take a girl home after a show to get laid musician: There is rock n’ roll and drugs in music but there will be sex too. Just ask the band Kiss, they’ve been there.
  • The nervous performer: You will see some musicians on stage who are not all the way confident and they look nervous performing. Maybe that is why some of them play like a zombie, ya know?

There ya go, enjoy!



15 local musician stereotypes… are you one of them???

I have been a part of the local musicians community for many years so I have observed the different stereotypes of them. Musicians have different stereotypes and personalities and I’m about to list them all and explain them too. Chances are, you have pretty much seen all of these and I’m sure you’re one of them as well.

Well, lets get right to it… these are in no particular order:

  • The Egomaniac and Narcissist: People always think I’m full of shit that there are egomaniacs and narcissists in your music scene but you will meet some of these guys. Ya know, the type of musicians who are full of themselves and love themselves a bit too much. Always talking about themselves and only thinking about themselves. They don’t care about you at all and only about themselves. They think their musical talent is so great and they think they play better than other people. You will meet some huge egos out there in your scene whether you want to admit it or not.
  • The Expensive Gear Collector: These are the type of musicians that are obsessed with musicians gear. They’ll collect all kinds of guitars, amps, pedals and get all kinds of home studio gear too. They spend a lot of money on gear and obsessed with it. You’ve probably seen these kind of musicians too.
  • The Music Theory Expert: You’ll see these kind of musicians too. Ya know, the music theory expert. The one that is always talking about theory and you don’t know what the hell he or she is talking about like the notes in a chord, scale degrees, chord progressions and things like that. There is always going to be a music theory expert around for sure.
  • The Asshole Musician: Yeah, you’ll definitely see some of these too. Not everyone in the musicians community are gonna be nice to you. That’s one thing that you’ll have to accept. All musicians are different. They’re gonna be assholes and some are gonna be nice. You will run into an asshole musician who is never friendly to people, just one thing for you to be aware of. You can be nice to all musicians all you want but not all of them will treat you kindly in return. Trust me, I know from experience.
  • The Music Critic: You will get a lot of musicians around who think they are a music critic of other musicians and bands. One thing to be aware of, some of them are gonna be brutally honest about your music and playing ability. So because they’re a musician they feel the need that it’s okay to critique others music.
  • The Political Activist Musician: This is the type of musician that will bring politics into music. This isn’t just liberal musicians that goes for conservative musicians too. These are the musicians who are always going political in their social networking pages, writing political songs and going political at their live shows. You’ll definitely see some political activists around here for sure.
  • The Unprofessional Musician: These are the guys who are no-shows for gigs, late for gigs, irresponsible promoters and just plain lazy that they don’t get anything done. They also have unprofessional attitudes as well. You will get these in your music scene too.
  • The Attention Whore Musician: This is the type of musician who will do anything it takes to get well-known in the scene and community. They don’t care what it takes even if it means acting foolish and just plain dumb. Just ramming themselves down in everyone’s throats is what they’ll do. I’ve seen some of these.
  • The Mr. Know It All Musician: This is the kind of musician who goes around thinking he/she knows everything. Watch out for these types. They think they know everything about being a musician, they think they know everything about your scene and blah blah blah. They think they know more than you just because they’re a musician and out there playing.
  • The gullible and naive type of musician: These are the ones who trust everyone and everything so easily when they shouldn’t. For example, musicians falling for all the scams and pay-to-play bullshit that is out there. Also, easily going for the gigs when they shouldn’t and stuff like that. You get the deal.
  • The pretentious and rock star wannabe musician: This would probably fall under egomaniac/narcissist but this is a little different. You will get some musicians out there pretending to be something they’re not. For example, there are too many musicians out there thinking they’re rock stars just because they’ve been hitting the bigger stages and having some successes. You will also get some musicians claiming they’re a “professional” musician when they only know 3 chords and playing shitty gigs.
  • The Hard Partier: You will meet plenty of musicians who are into it for the hard partying so watch out for that. There will be a lot of heavy drinking and maybe even hard drugs involved too.
  • The obsessed self-promotion musician: These are the musicians who will be obsessed with promoting themselves and their band. There will be some who will over do it so much. Always sending you show invites, ramming show advertisements in your face and blah blah blah. You get the deal. You don’t need to promote yourself too much.
  • The only do it for the money musician: You will meet some musicians who are into it for the money alone and that’s it. They’ll only want to play music for the money. Meaning they don’t do free gigs… always wanting to get paid for it. Some like to see music as a “make a living” kind of thing… ya know, kind of like a job. Money is the only thing they think about so just be aware of that too.
  • The Mr. Perfectionist Musician: Everything to them has got to be so perfect… whether it’s their playing or the way they record their albums. Everything’s got to be spot on. There will be demanding musicians out there like this so watch out for them.

So there you have it. Enjoy the list!


Why are local musicians so douchey? Are there any friendly and humble musicians left nowadays???

I’ve dealt with musicians for many years; pretty much over a decade. I’ve dealt with musicians online and at the gigs. Too many local musicians out there have really douchey attitudes. Many are full of themselves, ego-driven, self-absorbed, naive and delusional. Always pretending to be something that they’re not. It is hard to make friends with other musicians nowadays, ya know?

It seems to me nowadays that in order to win respect with another musician is that you got to kiss his or her’s ass most of the time. Meaning that you have to respect their talent and respect them as a person. If you give them any kind of criticism, disagreements and all that stuff be ready for all kinds of backstabbing, betrayals and all kinds of drama. Like I said before, all musicians are different… they all have different attitudes and different personalities. Some are gonna be really nice and some are gonna be arrogant jerks.

I learned over the years that you can’t trust anybody in the musicians community. There will also be many that will pretend to like you but deep down inside, they can’t stand you. Whenever I talk about musicians with douchey attitudes, most don’t believe me most of the time. Most would point the blame on me is why they all act this way. There’s a lot of musicians out there with negative attitudes. I can easily sit here and name a bunch of names all I want but I’m not going to do that and won’t name any names.

No doubt that musicians are really sensitive and dense people. They get upset and angry over stupid things. It seems to me though that musicians with douchey attitudes has become more accepted nowadays. If you don’t act like a rock star and act like a douchey person then you probably won’t be accepted in the music community. That’s how cliquey it’s become lately.

The thing is there are too many musicians out there that think they are talented and just ’cause they play in a band and had some successes, they want to feel more important than you. That’s why a lot of them feel more superior than you… they obsess with their own self-importance. No doubt there’s a lot of narcissists and primadonnas in the local music community for sure, again not naming names.

I’ve had many musicians over the years supported me in the beginning but stabbed me in the back later and then I never hear from them again. That’s just life and that’s how crazy the musicians community can be. The musicians community is not always fun, there’s always going to be ups and downs. Watch who you trust ’cause not everybody is your friend around here.

In the past, I used to network in the musicians community and used to like meeting them. I still do like to meet local musicians but I’m gonna watch who I trust this time and be more careful. I learned that you should only support the musicians who truly believe in you and yes, I still do have some wonderful musicians who still has my back to this day. I’ve had a lot of musicians come and go in my life, lol… it just happens.

Anyhow, I’ve had many musicians who claimed to be supportive of my music over the years and then they became backstabbers later on. If you’re a backstabber then they weren’t true supporters to begin with and I’m fine with that. A loyal supporter wouldn’t stab you in the back at all and would always support you no matter what.

The musicians community is crazy especially the Capital Region. Yeah, nobody believes me and thinks I’m full of shit most of the time but I just tell things like it is. Tell things as I see it. The problem is many musicians around here think they’re rock stars and that explains why a lot of them have a douchey attitude most of the time. Many just don’t know how to leave their ego at the door which to me is sad.

I learned that when you want to play music, play in a band or solo acoustic or whatever… you leave your ego at the door. Don’t act like you’re better than everybody else ’cause you’re a musician. Yeah, you maybe a talented person musically but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a big shot about it. To me, musicians with a rock star attitude is a turn off and those are the kind of musicians I want to stay away from.


Why I stopped performing live shows… just lost interest in the Capital Region music scene is pretty much why…

Admittedly, I haven’t played live music shows in a long while and there’s a pretty good reason for that. I guess the only and simple reason is that I pretty much lost interest in the Capital Region music scene. In the past, between the years 2006 – 2010, I used to gig all over in the Capital Region. Play live acoustic shows all over the Region from Saratoga Springs to Troy to downtown Albany. I have played most of the well-known venues around the area in the past and opened for some other bands and shared shows with acoustic solo acts. Sometimes I’ll play gigs with just me being the only performer on the bill and I had a few gigs like that before.

So you may ask, why did I lose interest in Capital Region music scene? Well for a lot of reasons really. 1) It’s because there’s not much of a music scene to begin with, there’s nothing here. 2) There’s no sense of booking a show when you’re only going to play for a few people 3) I believe the Capital Region music scene is the most conceited music scene I’ve ever seen as I’ve been turned off by it of what I’ve seen over the years. Ya know, a lot of drama, a lot of bullshit and blah blah blah, you get the deal. This area has a lot of problems. I can go on all day about this. We have a pretty cliquey music scene it’s pretty crazy.

Honestly, I’m not so crazy about going out to play live gigs much anymore. There’s no sense of going out just to play to an empty venue which most of my past gigs were just that. I just wanted to go out and play and try to make a name for myself like everyone else.

As of this point, I’m just enjoying life… playing music still and just doing the things I want to do in life. My life is great right now. Yeah, I’m still playing guitar and making music. Learning new covers and I’m going to try to write new originals too. I’ll always make music but playing live at a venue? Screw it. A musician doesn’t have to play live if he/she doesn’t want to. Just make music and release it or just make music for yourself only, that’s all you need to do. Just enjoy. I don’t see myself as a rock star as that has never been my goal. There’s too many musicians in Albany living under the delusion thinking they’re rock stars.

I’ve been through a lot of crazy bullshit throughout the years of the Capital Region music scene. Ya know, a lot of haters and a lot of bad publicity and all that crap. I get all that when I started releasing my music publicly and playing out. When you want to get yourself in the music scene and interact with other musicians, keep in mind that not everyone is going to like you. You also can not trust everyone ’cause there will be a lot of backstabbing and drama going around. You know how you do your best when you try to support other musicians as best as possible and they wanna do nothing but hate you in return? I got that a lot throughout the years.

I was never afraid to say that this music scene here sucks so much that I lost interest and want nothing to do with local music pretty much. I stopped going to other band shows too ’cause I used to support other bands.

Yeah, playing music and doing something you love is tough and I know you have to do your best is to ignore all the bullshit. We have a pretty dead music scene anyways. There’s nothing here. Time to admit that truth.

Will I ever play live at a music venue again around here? I don’t know. Like I said, there’s nothing here. I try to follow the music scene as best as possible and there are pretty much no venues around.

I’m also not interested in playing a music scene when a music scene is very liberal with their politics. Most everyone is pretty liberal around here which includes most musicians and venues. That’s another reason why I lost interest. Bands and venues won’t stay out of politics and I’m so sick of it. So I figure, fuck it. Time to boycott.

While I have no interest in playing live again anytime soon, I still do plan on playing live on the internet ’cause I find that a lot more fun. I still do plan on doing a live home internet show. I just need to learn more covers and write more originals and I’m trying to do both.

I love music and it’s what I do so I’ll never give that up. Songwriting is in my blood and I want to write new songs again. I love making music for the internet and I prefer that way more.



What bothers me about the local musicians community is how cliquey it really is…

I’ve been a part of the local musicians community for a little over a decade now. When I talk about this stuff, I know some are gonna call me crazy and not gonna believe me but fuck ’em. Let them believe what they want to believe. I’m just gonna tell my truth like I always do and tell everything the way I see it.

I love live music and I love other musicians but, I’m not afraid to be real when it comes to music and that’s what I’m all about. So get ready for some hard truth, y’all.

Yeah, this music scene around the Albany and Saratoga Springs of the Capital Region is a pretty cliquey scene. When you see promoters out there trying to make it seem like that they support all local music, don’t be quick into believing in that ’cause it’s all a bunch of bullshit. It really is. All the promoters, local music blogs and local music websites try to make it seem like they support all local music but they don’t really. The truth is, they are only supportive and more friendlier to bands & musicians that are already successful. Those are the bands & music artists that they mostly support.

Now hear me out… if you’re in a band or a solo acoustic artist who has already had some success like have a large following, played some big theaters and open for national acts then chances are you’re going get write ups by the local music press. They ignore the lesser known musicians and ignore the so-called amateurs who try their best to make it somewhere.

It’s the same thing with other musicians and bands around the area. Many of the bands especially the more prominent and established bands won’t support you unless you have success yourself. If you’re less successful and if you just play music for the love of it aka a hobby kind of thing, these musicians will treat you like you’re nothing.

That’s one thing that always pisses me off about this fucking music scene, you see. The pros and more successful musicians treating the amateurs/hobbyist musicians like they’re fuckin’ nobodies. They’ll think they’re more superior and more important than you. They’ll treat you like you’re below their level. Supporting definitely seems like a one-way street around here. No doubt, a lot of pros and established musicians around here aka the more prominent musicians can be such huge egos and I’ve always said that.

The problem with this scene is that many musicians want to think they’re rock stars, but many of them will never admit that, though. With me, I was never into music to become a star ’cause that’s never been my thing. I never cared for that. If I don’t get to play the bigger stages and don’t get to open for national acts, that’s fine by me. I just want to make music and that’s it.

It’s interesting how this music scene treats musicians. Some of it’s good and some of it’s not. They’re not supportive of everybody. They’re very selective. Not sure why they make lies about supporting everybody. In my eyes, though, there is no such thing as being a rock star. We’re all musicians… and one thing to point out, though, that the less successful musicians doesn’t mean they aren’t successful. We’ve all had some success in some ways. I mean, it disgusts me how this scene puts down the musicians that are struggling. When a musician goes to an open mic night and plays a few songs or books an actual gig at a bar that’s success in my eyes. Success doesn’t always have to mean performing in a huge theater with a crowd over 1,000. As long as you’re out there performing live whether a small crowd or big crowd, that is success too.

I used to go out to support the local music scene all the time when I was younger. I used to play my own gigs and support other band gigs but I don’t do that shit anymore. After what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced throughout the years of local music, I don’t think I’m interested in it much anymore. It’s a big turn off of what I’ve seen out there ’cause the Capital District music scene is pretty crazy, trust me on that.

With that being said, I’ll always play music myself, though. I’ll never give it up ’cause I love music and it’s what I do. Will I ever play live again? I would like to at some point but we’ll see how it goes.

This is the most negative music scene I’ve ever seen and continues to be to this day. Too much negativity and too much musicians being critical of others. I can go on. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disrespected around here, lol. This area has a lot of problems and it should be easy to see that. A lot of egos and jealousy is a huge problem for sure.

What’s even worse about this music scene is how mostly liberal it is with political views. A lot of musicians and music promoters out there are pretty liberal. I’ll never forget the day when Donald Trump won the election, a lot of local musicians complained and bitched about it publicly. That was entertaining and I’ll never forget it. There are many musicians that refuse to support me ’cause of my conservative views and I’m not lying about that either. Musicians refused to add me in Facebook ’cause of it and refused to follow me back on twitter ’cause of it too. Crazy. Ya know, I’ll support a band and music artist no matter what their political views are. If you’re a liberal so be it, I’ll still support you, but if they don’t want to support me in return… that’s fine so be it.

This scene never changes and it’s still pretty much the same. Not all musicians are good people, there are some real douchebags out there and I’m not gonna name names.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I still do support local bands some but I only support the ones if I really dig their music a lot. There are a few local bands that I like a lot still.

What I’m trying to say is that local music scenes are not always good. There are gonna be some positives and negatives. Stop living under the delusion that it’s gonna be positive all the time. You will go through some ups and downs as I know I have of what I went through over the years.



How to handle being hated on and criticized by other musicians in local music community…

Being a musician may sound a lot of fun which it is, but sometime you’re gonna realize that it’s not always going to be fun. You’re definitely going to deal with some ups and downs as I know I’ve definitely did over the years. Knowing from my own experience, I’ve dealt with a lot of mixed reactions from other musicians. They either love me or hate me, I’m good either way.

If you’re a musician and other musicians don’t treat you so kindly, here’s a way to handle it. Simply put, just don’t care what anyone thinks about you. You definitely gotta have a “don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me” attitude, all the time if you want to continue to play your music. The trick on dealing with haters in the music scene is that you gotta keep playing your music and that’s pretty much it really. Keep playing your music no matter what anyone says. Yeah, some are definitely gonna hate and there are gonna be some that will want to see you fail. There will be many who won’t want to see you succeed and that’s why a lot of other musicians in the scene go out of their way of hating you. The trick is, you just gotta keep playing your music no matter what kind of negativity throws at you.

I remember when I started playing out at the year 2006 and later, haters were coming at me like crazy. I remember the old local music board days, wow. A lot of people say that I brought a lot of this stuff upon myself over the years but not really. Haters are gonna hate, pure and simple. You just gotta ignore them all and continue to do your thing, no matter what anyone says. When other musicians are getting bullied by other musicians, they waste a lot of time defending themselves which is a bad thing to do. Best thing to do is ignore them and keep moving forward.

You just got to realize that not everyone in the musicians community is gonna like you and that’s the way it is, ya know? I’ve learned that a long time ago. I’m pretty sure musicians around this area still hates my guts but ya know what? I don’t give a shit! Fuck them for all I care!

Just keep playing your tunes, write your songs and release them. I notice the haters get a lot worse when they see you keep working on music and that’s what you gotta do. Having haters isn’t necessarily a bad thing ’cause sometimes bad publicity can be good. I’m not worried about getting bad publicity anymore like I used to. Admittedly, it can be a nice way to get noticed so don’t worry about it. Getting haters can be a nice way to get the word out about your music.

There are national bands out there that get so many haters but they keep playing their music no matter what people thinks of them like Metallica for example. Metallica is one of the most criticized bands on the planet but they keep going. The same goes with me. I have so many haters but I keep going in music.  Nothing is stopping me. That’s the attitude you should have.

There will be other musicians who think they can control you if they don’t like you. There will be other musicians that will try to get you to quit if they don’t like your music or if they don’t like you as a person. The trick is don’t listen to any of them. Give them all the middle finger and keep doing what you do.

I used to worry about other musicians getting onto me but I’ve gotten much better at not giving a fuck anymore. Only care about you and your music and that’s the point that I’m trying to get at. People will say that’s the wrong attitude to have… they will call you cocky and arrogant but it’s not. You just gotta do what’s right for yourself. That’s what you gotta do if you want to play your music positively. Gotta stay above the haters as best as possible. I’ve gotten much better at this which I’m proud of. You should consider doing the same.


Why a lot of local musicians are so egotistical and such arrogant jerks, my take on it…

Whenever I talk about this stuff, the topic of musicians around the Capital Region being so egotistical and arrogant jerks, no one will believe me. Instead many would think that I’m just trolling or bullying… ya know, being the bad guy but I’m not at all. I’ve been a part of the local music scene for many years; I’ve been a part of local musicians community for like a decade or over so I pretty much know how musicians are. I have eyes and ears so I see and hear things. Why would I make this stuff up?

What are the reasons that musicians can be so egotistical and arrogant? There are many reasons really. One of them is that there are a lot of musicians that believe that they are so good at what they do musically and they know it. They are not afraid to tell people that they are so talented. Whether it will be singing or playing an instrument or both, if they’re good and they won’t be afraid to brag about it publicly. There are even musicians out there who are not that good musically, but they still happen to have a huge ego problem. I’ve seen all of this over the years.

A lot of musicians can have huge egos, but the egos can be worse with the more popular and established musicians. Trust me, it can be pretty crazy in the local music scene. I used to gig myself and I used to hang out with other musicians at other band shows so I know what it’s like out there. It can be pretty crazy online too.

Once again, I know not all musicians are a bunch of egos and arrogant jerks… some musicians can be great people. All musicians are different. We have different attitudes, different feelings and different personalities. That’s all I can say. A lot of musicians just like to be themselves.

The thing is there are so many musicians who are so protective of themselves and very protective of their music. That’s why some of them can’t take any disagreements or criticism of any kind ’cause they can be way overly protective of what they do. Their egos gets much worse once they go somewhere with their music. Their ego grows larger the more popularity they get and the more success they get with their music. That’s how it is around here, really.

Interacting with musicians in the scene may sound fun but it isn’t always fun. If you don’t want to deal with the egos and arrogant jerks around here, you gotta weed ’em out. Only interact with the musicians who are good to you. If you find musicians who treat you good, supports your music and your playing then that’s who you want to support back. Why would you want to support musicians who are nothing but stuck-up assholes,  ya know? There are musicians out there who are wonderful people, down to earth and humble… you just gotta find ’em. My advice is that don’t support musicians who always look down upon you and always treating you with pure disdain ’cause you will meet musicians who’ll always put you down and act more superior. There will be musicians out there who will act more superior and think they’re better than you. Those are the ones you gotta ignore.

When you want to play your music and get yourself out there, you can’t be intimidated by the egos ’cause you will definitely meet some out there. Never let them think they’re better than you ’cause they’re not. We’re all musicians. Nobody is superior than anybody else. So because a musician or band has had some success with their music does not necessarily mean they’re more superior. There will always be those who think they’re know it alls just because their music went somewhere. Don’t let them bring you down. Just play your music and do your own thing.

I’ve had plenty of musicians over the years of my life who thought they were bigger than me and acted like my music was nothing. Don’t let any of that bother ya and just continue to play. Never let others think they’re better than you. I never did.

For years, musicians and promoters complained about the person that I am and they still do. That’s okay. I am who I am. If other musicians think they can be themselves then why can’t I, right? Never do things to please other musicians and just be you. I just want to play my music like everyone else and it’s that simple really. I don’t do this to become a rock star like many nowadays, all I want to do is make music and that’s it.

That’s all I got to say about that for now.





10 ways to piss off musicians, in my view…

Nowadays, it seems to be getting easier and easier to piss off musicians in your local musicians community. No doubt some musicians have really short tempers and they go off on a lot of things even the small stuff. I’ve been a part of the musicians community for many years so I have seen their behaviors over the years of my life.

If you don’t want to piss off a musician then don’t do or say these things:

  • Criticize their playing or singing: A lot of musicians around here can’t seem to take criticism that well even if the criticism is constructive. They may not respond to it so kindly. I’ve seen musicians defend themselves each time they’re criticized by somebody. I’ll never forget the old local music message board days. It’s still a problem today.
  • Say you’re not into playing music for the money: This seems to upset some musicians for whatever reason. Each time I say that I don’t play music for the money at all and I just play music for the love of it… that seems to offend some. It only seems to upset musicians that likes to make money for playing music. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion of playing music for free and playing music for the love of it. Not sure why they get upset at this one. It’s either out of jealousy or they can’t take the truth.
  • Say you’re not into this to become a rock star or an established act: Many musicians are into it to become rock stars. They all want it, they just won’t publicly admit it. You want to say that you’re not into this to become big stars and just want to play for fun, you might upset some in the community. I’ve seen it happen before and even I’ve experienced this. I don’t play music for fame and popularity. All that is cool but that’s not what I do this for.
  • Tell them that they have a huge ego problem: This one will pretty much do it. Tell them that they’re ego-driven, arrogant or full of themselves or whatever, they’ll become immediately defensive. If they refer to themselves as a “humble” person then they probably aren’t. If they’re getting mad then just proved that they have an ego-problem.
  • Tell them that they have an unprofessional attitude: This one will do it too. If you tell them they have an unprofessional attitude, they’ll go off. Many musicians around here can have negative attitudes. There are a lot of jerks and mean people out there, trust me. Not all musicians are the same and not naming names, though.
  • Tell them they aren’t a real musician: I’ve seen this a lot over the years. A lot of musicians want to say that they play their instrument on a professional and advanced level, but when someone comes around and say they don’t… watch out. They get all mad for some reason.
  • Disagree with something they’re doing or something they said: They don’t seem to take disagreements with you so well either. You want to say that you don’t agree with them of how they’re promoting themselves or how they’re booking their gigs when all you’re doing is looking out for them but they get all pissed off anyways.
  • Have differences of political views: Politics in the musicians community seems to be a real problem. There’s a “right vs. left” problem in the musicians community too. Some musicians will kindly accept others political views if they’re different but most of them don’t most of the time. A musician has conservative views other liberal musicians around the scene won’t take it so well and vice versa.
  • Tell them that they don’t need to do band competitions just to get somewhere like “Battle of the Bands”, voting contests you see online and on radio stations… things like that: I was never a big fan of competitions for bands that you see out there. Most of them are a “scam” anyway and most of them are looking to make a quick buck. I never did band competitions of any kind and I avoid them like the plague. If other bands and solo artists want to do ’em, that’s fine by me. They’re just not for me. That’s not what I do this for.
  • Tell them that you don’t need to do crowdfunding to make an album, go on tour or release an album: I never agreed with all that pledgemusic, kickstarter and gofundme bullshit. I avoid that crap like the plague too. I hate it when bands and artists do this shit too. It’s their prerogative if they want to do it but not for me. I would never start a crowdfunding campaign when I do an album and I usually never donate to other bands either. I never once donated to a crowdfunding campaign. It’s all ridiculous, in my opinion. I don’t need to take money from fans.

Well there you have it, hope you enjoy the read.



Sorry but local music and politics don’t mix, what’s going on here???

I’ve been saying for a long while now that local music in the Capital Region and liberal politics have been a pretty big problem. I’ve been noticing that for a while and I’m not afraid to be realistic about it. Why is most of this area’s music scene being a bunch of liberal loudmouths and SJW’s? Lets make some observations shall we?

Well, a lot lately, I’ve been noticing some online websites that promotes local music, but at the same time they promote liberal propaganda. I believe that all started with the now defunct Metroland newspaper. When the Metroland used to be around, they would use the paper to promote the local arts. That’s what the paper used to be about really, but mostly I see them using the newspaper to promote liberal politics and local music both at the same time. Now that the Metroland is out of business due to not paying their taxes of their office building, they have now transformed into The Alt which is an online only kind of paper thing.

The Alt is kind of similar to Metroland. They promote the local arts, local music and they promote liberal propaganda as well. This week, I started looking at the The Alt website… check it out here:

As you can see, the Alt website has gotten much worse with their liberal bias. The Alt is a lot more further left than the Metroland was, in my opinion. The Alt is ultra-left as you can see in their political blogs on their site.

A few articles on there that got my attention were David King’s articles on the NRA. He’s just another anti-NRA nutjob. His two articles that he wrote on the NRA that I read are worthy of a blog response and I’ll respond to his opinion articles in another blog post some other time, but I must say those David King’s hateful ranting toward the NRA and law-abiding citizens were comical to read. You can betcha I’ll have a lot to say about his opinion pieces. I’ll respond to his NRA articles soon so stay tuned, y’all. It’s gonna be good and I’m gonna be honest and brutal. David King just doesn’t realize that the more he bashes the NRA, the more it’s gonna get people interested in joining. He’s just being an NRA salesman and that is all.

Anyway, back to the Capital Region and liberal politics, what is going on here, ya know? It’s very sad to see all this and disgusting too. Why can’t we all just shut up and play the music? If there is one thing that I can think of that is hurting this area’s music scene, this is it. I wish the local music press would stop talking about liberal politics ’cause that is not a good way to promote local music. If you think being political loudmouths is gonna bring people out to the gigs then you’re delusional.

That’s probably why I’ll never gig again. I don’t think I will and me gigging out in the scene won’t happen anytime soon ’cause I’m tired of the liberal SJW’s that are out in the scene. It’s not just online websites that are the problem, the local news like WNYT, The Post Star, The Times Union, etc. They all can be just as bad with the liberal bias. Liberal bias is everywhere in Upstate NY and quite frankly, I’m pretty sick of it. All the local news and local music press that promote liberal politics, they always go by what the mainstream media does.

The local music scene in the Capital Region is full of liberals. The reason is that the local press seems to ram the liberal propaganda down our throats. The mainstream media is responsible for that too.

I used to support the local music scene ’cause I love live music and I love performing live myself, but I can’t support the local music scene anymore with the way it’s going. I’ll always make music, though ’cause that’s what I do. I wish all musicians and promoters around here would just shut up and play the music. Instead, they’re all being political activists which really saddens me.


Yes, the local music scene in this area is crap… it’s time for you all to understand that…

Whenever I criticize the Capital Region music scene, it’s always looked at as “controversial”. Why? It’s because not many wants to be honest about the music scene. Not a lot of people wants to be real about it. It’s just that the local press and local music blogs on the internet always want to promote the music scene as positive and lovable. No one out there wants to be real about it. The thing is that the local press and local internet blogs that are out there wants to make the Capital Region music scene look like a big music scene when it isn’t really. The reality is the music scene is pretty much a “shithole”. There is nothing here and that’s the truth that no one wants to talk about.

There is a lot of talent out there around this area but there are not much venues to play at anymore. Venues come and go around this area for sure. It’s gotten much harder to book gigs in this area as well.

I can sit here and talk about all day why this music scene is so bad. One reason is that this scene can be pretty cliquey. There’s always heated arguments of “professionals vs. amateurs” and “originals vs. covers”.

The bigger problem with this area is that if they feel that if you’re not a professional enough musician then your reputation could get destroyed just like that. If they feel you’re not a real musician then they will feel you do not belong. If they see you as a hobbyist kind of musician, they’ll start to feel more superior. If you’re not professional enough then it’ll be harder for you to get gigs around here ’cause of the huge egos and stuff. Yes, there are a lot of huge egos around here. Not just musicians… promoters and venue owners can be huge egos too. There are too many around with a rock star attitude and acting all pretentious. It’s crazy.

When I first started playing out in the past, I’ll admit I had some ups and downs playing gigs myself. I had to go through a lot of negativity, drama and crazy stuff just to get myself playing. That’s all I want to do is get myself out there and play music like everyone else. Of course, you’re going to have to deal with huge egos and haters who want to see you fail. That’s the name of the game, I guess.

People around here will never admit that this scene is so bad ’cause they can’t handle the truth. I think they all know, they just don’t want to say it publicly.

Another thing I hate about this music scene is that this music scene is pretty liberal with their politics. Yeah, Hollywood has a  liberal problem but the Capital Region music scene is much worse. Local musicians and bands can too be a bunch of liberal loudmouths. This is another reason I refuse to play around this area again. Whatever happened to keeping politics and music separate? I also feel like I’ve been totally blacklisted from the music scene ’cause of my conservative politics and support for Donald Trump. I don’t give a shit, though. If they can talk politics then I can too.

One thing for sure though, it’s amazing to me the Capital Region music scene are so tolerant with others views in politics (note the sarcasm). When I talk my right-wing politics,  I’ve had musicians around the area refusing to support me ’cause of it and maybe this is why the local blogs refuses to write about me ’cause of my political views. Oh absolutely I’ve been attacked by many in the Capital Region music scene ’cause of my right-wing stuff. It does sickens me that most in the Capital Region are pretty liberal… even some of the most established musicians and promoters are pretty liberal. There are conservative musicians around here but not many. I’m sure they’ve been blacklisted from the scene too.

Would I ever get back out to play music live again? I’d like to but it’s pretty unlikely. This scene sucks. It always did. It’s not always fun being a musician, there’s always going to be ups and downs like I said. I might hit a few open mics but that’s about all. I’m not sure if I’ll play an actual gig around here, though. This scene is too much for me.

However, though… I do love playing music live for the internet and I’ll always do that. When I start writing songs again and learning new covers, I would video tape myself performing them. I still have plans in doing a home show for the live internet and I’ll probably do that on FB Live sometime. Sounds like fun.