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BREAKING NEWS: Alec Baldwin plans to quit acting in 2012…

Film actor and TV star, Alec Baldwin, announced some shocking news that he is quitting acting in, 2012. Is he serious or full of shit? Me, thinks he’s full of it. This guy claims his film career was a failure, but I disagree with him.

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He claims his film career is not a box office success?

Hello, Alec, I think he’s delusional and just fucking with us, look at his box office mojo….


He also claims that in order to become an actor, you must have the acting talent that drives the film?

I thought he was fantastic in “Hunt for the Red October” and “Glengarry Glenross”. Those two roles were amazing and delivered them. What would those movies be like if he wasn’t in them? Did you see his cameo in “Glengarry Glenross” when he’s yelling and screaming at a bunch of sales men? Great performance.

“The Hunt For the Red October” was his biggest role, so how could he call that a failure?

What about his role in, “The Departed” which is an Oscar winner and “Pearl Harbor” which is a box office hit?

He next stars in a film with Steve Martin and Meryl Streep, that film is getting big and getting a lot of recogntion as it already is. So how can he call his career a failure? Man he is so wrong.

I don’t think he’s quitting. Publicity stunt.


BREAKING NEWS: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be hosting the 82nd Oscars in 2010…

Well, I guess my Oscar host prediction for 2010 was wrong. Neil Patrick Harris may not be getting the opportunity to host his first Oscar award show yet, but don’t worry Doogie Howser, I’m sure you’ll get your chance.

Funny man, Steve Martin and “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin are signed on as the hosts of the 82nd Annual Oscar awards in 2010.

Keep in mind that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin both star in a comedy film together with Meryl Streep, a film titled, “It’s Complicated”. A film about Steve and Alec both having a love relationship with the same woman, and they fight over her.

Variety Reports:


To be honest, I’m totally dissapointed with the choice. Who wants to see Steve and Alec making fun of each other throughout the entire award show? *yawn*

Steve Martin is entertaining and funny, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he already hosted twice! Give Doogie Howser a chance, I was rooting for him!

I don’t even like Alec Baldwin, the guy’s a douchebag.


Report: Alec Baldwin admits to feeling bad about phone tirade to daughter, slams TMZ for posting it publicily…

When celebrities do interviews with Playboy, it is well known that it is a no holds barred, anything goes interview where celebs can speak on any topic they please and they can reveal anything they want about their lives…whether it’s about sex, drugs, personal stuff, etc.

The latest Playboy interview which features “30 Rock Star”, Alec Baldwin, is the most revealing and honest in a long time. Alec admits to being suicidal for his temper tantrum on a cell phone with his daughter that was leaked on TMZ by Harvey Levin. In the Playboy interview, he also bashes the hell out of Harvey and says a lot of negative things about him.

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Sounds like an entertaining interview to read. Maybe I’ll get that Playboy issue myself.