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The Donald finally squashes his fake hair rumors with the Ice Bucket Challenge…

For many years, people have accused Donald Trump of wearing a wig. People accused him of having fake hair. Welp, this video should silence all the doubters who thought his hair was fake.

Yet, another one challenges Obama. Trump already challenged Obama a few times in the past. Trump challenged Obama for the birth certificate, his college records and now the ice bucket.

Will Obama do it now that Trump challenged him? Probably not. Obama will probably ignore him once again.



Finally, a Led Zeppelin member does the Ice Bucket Challenge… thank you Robert Plant!!!

I’ve been wondering when any of the Led Zeppelin members will start doing their ALS Ice Bucket challenges. Robert happens to be the first member of the band to get it done; however, Robert surprisingly doesn’t challenge Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones.

When will Jimmy and Jonesy do theirs? I’m sure they will get around to it at some point.

I’d like to see Jimmy do his. Would like to see how he would react to cold ice water being dumped on him.

I enjoyed Robert’s video here. He seems to live at a gorgeous home where ever he is (somewhere out in England, I would assume???).