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I honestly think the Oscars should take place before the Golden Globes, so the winners can be less predictable…

I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way but is everyone else getting tired of the winner choices of films being the same between the Golden Globes and the Oscars? This is why I believe it’s best that the Oscars should take place sometime before the Golden Globes. I’m not sure why the Oscars is always taken place sometime after the Golden Globes. I think the Oscars would be more fun if the winners were less predictable, you know what I mean? Oh well, it is what it is.

I did watch the Oscars last night, even the Red Carpet special before it. I hate the Red Carpet. It’s all pretty goofy and pretty pretentious, in my opinion. I just watch the Red Carpet for laughs ’cause it is kind of humorous to watch the stars jerk off with their fashion and the photographers. When it comes to Red Carpet stuff, I don’t really get into the who dresses best or who dresses worst thing. Although, I would admit, that Charlize Theron was looking the best though, I couldn’t resist saying that. Charlize was looking pretty smoking with the short hair. She has always been gorgeous and always has been one of my favorite female celebs.

Seth Macfarlane did a pretty good job hosting. I liked his opening segment, except I thought his “I Saw Boobs” song was pretty lame and stupid. Other than that, I liked the William Shatner appearance where he played Cpt. Kirk again. It was cool seeing the Shat as Kirk for one more time and he still has it. He can still play the character well!

I haven’t seen the movie “Argo” yet, but I want to. Another negative I have about the Oscars is that “Argo” won for Best Picture, and Ben Affleck got the snub for Best Director. I thought that was pretty lame too. Ben seems to be always getting ignored for the Best Director category even though he seems to be winning other stuff. Ben Affleck is a talented guy, I’ve always liked him. I just wish he would get more respect with his directing.

The same with Tarantino, he got the Best Director snub too. Even though, “Django Unchained”, used the “N” word a lot, that is still not stopping Quentin for winning a Best Screenplay award which is well deserved.

I haven’t seen any of the other movies like “Life of Pi”, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” either, but I’ll check them out soon through Netflix DVD rental.

I liked the Catherine Zeta Jones, “All That Jazz” performance. The performance by the Les Miserables cast was really good too. Of course, Adele killed it with the “Skyfall” theme. I thought the Oscars did a good job with the 50 Years Tribute to James Bond. That was well put together.

It was a pretty good Oscars show. Definitely better than this year’s crappy Golden Globes.


Cool Video: The trailer for Ben Affleck’s next film, “Argo”, looks very good…

In the past, I used to not like Ben Affleck, but now that he’s directing his own films lately, he really has been impressing me as of late. I thought, “The Town” was a great fuckin’ film! Love it! This film looks even better. John Goodman and Bryan Cranston, hell yeah! I think I’m there for this one.