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I’ll have to admit that I’m losing interest in “Ghostbusters III”…

Today it was announced that director Paul Feig is confirmed to helm the new “Ghostbusters” film along w/ Katie Dippold to help him write the script. Like the title of this post says, I’m losing interest in the new Ghostbusters film. I think I started to lose interest in it when Harold Ramis died and Ivan Reitman stepped down. Then Bill Murray finally said no.

Then there’s gonna be the possibility that Melissa McCarthy is gonna be the big star of the film and it’s probably gonna happen. Don’t be surprised. I don’t wanna see a huge woman running around in a Ghostbusters suit running out of breath with a heavy proton pack. I saw one movie with Melissa McCarthy and that was “Identity Thief” and it wasn’t that great. Melissa is not that good of a comedian. It’s not because of her weight at all. It’s just that she’s a bad actress, annoying and not funny.

Since the original Ghostbusters crew: Ramis, Murray and Reitman aren’t gonna be involved then I’m not gonna be interested. This is the reason I think this film is gonna bomb horribly. This is also why I think they’re gonna get Melissa McCarthy for the role hoping to get more people to see it and they know this film is gonna bomb without her. It’s obvious they’re gonna get Melissa for this and don’t be surprised that when they start casting, she’ll be the first one to get announced. I’m betting my money on it.

You figure that Sony would scrap this project after the passing of Harold but nope. Sure enough, they had to continue on. This film is Dan Aykroyd’s baby, he’s the one who got it going so he’s definitely committed to it no matter if the original team is gonna be involved and he doesn’t care about the public’s criticism toward the film… he’s moving forward with it whether people likes it or not.

Most Ghostbusters fans are pretty skeptical with the next film and I hear them. I’ll admit it that I don’t want the film to happen now that Ramis, Murray and Reitman aren’t involved. I’m not interested in a complete re-boot, I was hoping for a continuation with the 4 original Ghostbusters like most fans.

This film is gonna flop hard. I don’t know why Dan is desperate to get this made. Probably needs the money and desperate to get back in the Hollywood spotlight.


My top ten favorite Bill Murray films here…

In celebration of Bill Murray’s 64th birthday today, I thought it would be cool to name 10 of his films that are my favorite in no particular order. Here they are with no explanation.

  • Ghostbusters (first one only)
  • Stripes
  • Groundhog Day
  • What About Bob
  • Lost In Translation
  • Scrooged
  • Zombieland (even though it was a cameo, his performance still rocks!!!)
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • The Man Who Knew Too Little

I did see him in “The Monuments Men” the George Clooney WWII film that Bill starred in but it was a pretty bad film so I won’t include that one.

It’s a shame that Bill doesn’t want to be in “Ghostbusters 3” but I understand that he wants to move on and understand why he doesn’t want any part of it but I still give him the kudos that he treats “Ghostbusters 3” with respect and love even if he doesn’t want in. That’s just his way of showing the film crew that he has nothing against the film, he doesn’t want in for his own personal reasons.

Happy birthday, Bill! Always been a fan of his work except he has been staying away from comedy a lot lately. He’s been doing a lot of serious dramas lately. I guess he wants to try different things.

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? If you don’t, then you aren’t a true movie buff!


About Melissa McCarthy as a Ghostbuster…

Bill Murray spoke about “Ghostbusters III” again and he revealed his choices for the 4 female Ghostbusters. Sorry to say but I don’t like Bill’s choices.

I may have picked Melissa McCarthy but I think to myself and I’m literally starting to have second thoughts about her as a Ghostbuster. Do you really wanna see a large 500 lb. woman in a Ghostbusters suit??? Plus, she is in her 40’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get her anyway since the new director for “Ghostbusters III” already worked with her in the past.

I’m still sticking with my own choices:

-Michelle Rodriguez
-Ronda Rousey
-Jennifer Lawrence
-Milla Jovovich


I think the female Ghostbusters should be hot and sexy if they want it to work.

It looks like Bill is not gonna be in it. Even though Bill has been saying positive stuff about the new “Ghostbusters” lately maybe he just feels he couldn’t make it without his friend, Harold Ramis?

Will I see the new “Ghostbusters” when it comes out??? Not sure yet. I’ll wait to see a trailer first and then I’ll decide.

I am a huge “Ghostbusters” fan, though. First one is a masterpiece, second one wasn’t good.


Bill Murray gives all female “Ghostbusters” his blessings…

Bill Murray responds to “Ghostbusters 3” again and he actually likes Sony’s new idea of turning Ghostbusters to all female. Look like he is definitely all for it; however, Bill is still tight-lipped on whether or not he’s gonna be in it.


It may look like that Bill Murray may not be in the new film but still though, never say never. Since he replied positively to the new idea… never know… maybe he’ll be up for a cameo or something??? I hope he gives us something. It’s not Ghostbusters without our Peter Venkman.


“Ghostbusters 3” will be an all female re-boot and will be directed by Paul Feig…

Due to the death of Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman had to pull out of directing “Ghostbusters 3” out of respect for his friend. Now Sony have found a replacement director. Paul Feig will be directing the 3rd installment.

Dan Aykroyd will return as Dr. Ray Stantz but it’s looking like Bill Murray will not return. It is not yet known if Ernie Hudson will return as Winston Zeddemore.

As you will read in this article, the new Ghostbusters will be all female.


I actually dig the idea of all female Ghostbusters. What actresses will get the new roles???

I pick:

Michelle Rodriguez
Rhonda Rousey (UFC fame)
Jennifer Lawrence
Milla Jovovich

Sounds like a pretty good team to me!


Ivan Reitman is not directing “Ghostbusters 3” due to the passing of Harold Ramis…

Ivan Reitman, the man who directed the first two “Ghostbusters” has announced that he will not be directing the 3rd Ghostbusters due to the passing of his friend, Harold Ramis. Ivan feels that he cannot make the film without Harold because those two were an important part of the first two films. However, Ivan isn’t done with the film for good ’cause he is staying on as producer to help them. He’s going to help Sony replace a director. This is nothing personal for Ivan, he’s just doing this in honor of his friend, Harold. They still have a script for the film and Ivan hints that this movie will be more like the first one.

More on the story here:


Now that Ivan is not directing this and Harold is no longer with us, I have a feeling Bill won’t be doing it at all now. I still wouldn’t rule out Bill just yet though, he still has time to make a decision. I can’t blame Bill for being skeptical. He’s skeptical just like the rest of us. Bill just wants G3 to be just as good as the first one so he’s taking his time to make a decision which is good on him. Ya never know though, maybe Bill will have a change of heart and say “yes”. We’ll have to wait and see.




“Ghostbusters III” is still happening…

Look like Sony studios and Ivan Reitman are still committed to making “Ghostbusters III” despite the death of Harold Ramis. That’s okay. I’m all for them continuing on ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s what Harold would have wanted. He would have wanted them to move forward without him. They’ve been planning this movie for years and they just can’t cancel the project after all that hard work and money spent. Like the saying goes, “The show must go on”… the same for this film.

There is a final script written for this film but it’s gonna be re-written some due to Harold’s sudden passing. Welp, look like we’re gonna have a dead Ghostbuster in the film. Will Egon somehow make a cameo appearance as a CGI ghost? Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what they’re going for.

The original Ghostbusters was only gonna be in this film briefly, anyways. This film was meant to pass the torch to younger Ghostbusters… that’s the idea for this film, I think.

Even though, Bill Murray has a part in “Ghostbusters III” it is still NOT yet known whether he wants in or not.

I know a “Ghostbusters III” is pretty debatable but I think a 3rd film deserves to happen. Give them a chance, ya know? “Ghostbusters 2” wasn’t a great film at all, and this trilogy deserves to end with a better film. I thought they did a great job with the video game. “Ghostbusters – The Video Game” was excellent stuff. I think they’ll do a good job with the 3rd film too.

Dan Aykroyd still loves the Ghostbusters. You can tell he has a lot of passion for this. He badly wants to get this movie made. Watch all of his interviews talking about Ghostbusters III. He’s pretty committed to this project too. With that being said, I would love GIII to happen. I’m intrigued on how they’re gonna pull this off.



Bill Murray reddit chat but totally neglects talk of “Ghostbusters 3″…

Bill Murray did a special online chat on reddit with fans hosted by AMA. It’s a good chat. Bill seems like an honest and interesting guy. They did the chat to help promote the movie, “Monuments Men” in which Bill Murray is in.

See the chat, here.

As you can see it’s a no holds barred — anything goes chat. They talk about everything except there is not one thing about Ghostbusters 3. Is that intentional? I think Bill is getting tired of talking about “Ghostbusters 3” ’cause you know fans will bombard him with questions about whether or not he’ll be in the third one but those questions hasn’t been approved by the editors of reddit.

It’s an interesting chat, though. Bill is an intelligent guy.



Report: Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters 3, “We’re moving on, with or without Bill”…

Dan Aykroyd has said, he has had it. He seems a little fed up with Bill Murray refusing to respond on whether or not, he wants in on, Ghostbusters 3. For years now, Bill has been very critical about the film. He refuses to read the script and refuses to respond, on whether or not, he wants in to reprise his role as, Dr. Peter Venkman. Dan and the crew, has waited for Bill to respond. It’s been two years already, and Bill is still silent to this day. Well, they’ve given up on Bill, and they’re moving on with or without him.

They didn’t give up on Bill for good, however. If Bill suddenly changes his mind someday, and wants back in, they’ll always welcome him back.

Read what Dan has to say about it, here.

Bill hasn’t retired from acting. He’s still acting,  he just haven’t starred in any blockbuster films lately. It seems that he’s slowing down a bit. He’s aging, that’s probably what it is. I can understand Dan and the crew, moving on, but I can’t see a Ghostbusters movie, without Venkman. The film won’t feel right without that character. The Venkman character is what made the first two movies work to begin with.

I loved the first “Ghostbusters” film, didn’t care for the second one. Even if the second one wasn’t good, Venkman was still entertaining as hell like always. I hope Bill changes his mind. Would be cool if he’s in it. A cameo would be better than nothing, at least.


Ghostbusters III, questions that needs answers…

While the original actors of Ghostbusters are aging, do you think they’ll still be able to play their characters well? If you played, “Ghostbusters – The Video Game” like I did, you’ll know that they still have what it takes to play their characters. They still have the voices down pretty well. If you don’t think they can, play the video game. You’d be surprised to hear yourself that they still got it. Even Bill Murray played Peter Venkmen well in the video game. I think they’ll do fine with the new film.

What I’m a little worried about is the script. I hope it won’t be another “Ghostbusters II”, that film was horrible. We need Slimer to return and hopefully Staypuff as well. As far as Vigo The Carpathian, I hope they don’t make him return ’cause that was a terrible villain.

We hope for a Ghostbusters film that is much like the first one. The first Ghostbusters film was a classic. I’ll always love that film so much. I’ll never get tired of it. What we need for “GIII” is a celebration of the first film. The Video Game did a pretty good job at that.

We want “GIII” to be scary as hell, along with the comedy mixed into it like the first one. We don’t want it to be a family film like the second movie was. I’m fine with the new young Ghostbusters taking over for III, I just want a good script and I want good casting with the young Ghostbusters.

Like I always say, I’m all for another Ghostbusters movies ’cause it deserves another film to close out the trilogy. There will probably be a new Ghostbusters trilogy after this for young Ghostbusters to take over and the original cast can retire after the 3rd movie.

Just like I hope Warner Bros. does a good job with Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel”, I hope Sony does a good job with “Ghostbusters III” as well.

Maybe the next film can be successful without Bill Murray, who knows. I’m not getting my hopes up. They need him. I’m sure Bill will respond to this soon, he’s just waiting for the right time ’cause he knows the media will be all over it. He’s making his careful decision and thinking things over. He may be a pain in the ass about it, but even Bill wants the next movie to be good like all of us. If you think about it, we are not alone, even Bill is worried about the next film.

I wish them luck on “Ghostbusters III”. Since they maybe start shooting next year, they’re going to start casting soon. We know for sure that Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Harold Ramis and Sigourney Weaver are returning…but we haven’t yet heard from Bill Murray and Rick Moranis. It would be great if everybody returns. Lets hope they make “GIII” a great film where we could all walk out of the theater with smiles on our faces.