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Report: Dan Aykroyd says “Ghostbusters 3” will start shooting next year, with or without Bill Murray…

Dan Aykroyd, appeared on the “Dennis Miller” show and yep, you guessed it, they talked about, “Ghostbusters 3”. Dan explains they will start shooting next year, sometime in 2012. They still want Bill Murray to sign on, but Bill has never responded yet. Bill is still being difficult about the project. So whether Bill wants to do it or not, they don’t care. Sony studios is doing it with or without him.

Dan does explain what the main characters will be like for the next film. His character Ray is blind in one eye and can no longer drive the cadillac. Egon is too overweight that he can’t do anything anymore. They did this to explain the reason for new, “Ghosbusters”. They explained they need 3 young men and going for a female Ghostbuster this time around.

Dan reveals he wants Matthew Grey Gubler from, “Criminal Minds”, as one of the new Ghostbusters.

More on it, here.

Lets hope Rick Moranis returns as Louis Tully as well. Without Louis Tully, it won’t feel like a Ghostbusters movie anymore. Rick Moranis retired from Hollywood years ago, but who knows, maybe he will come back just for this one film.

I hope Bill says yes. If he’s not in this film at all, then I won’t bother with it. It’s not a Ghostbusters movie without Bill either. Lets hope and pray that Bill will respond to this soon.


Report: Sony Pictures confirms “Ghostbusters 3” is greenlighted for 2013???

Did Bill Murray finally read the script to “Ghosbusters 3”, and he’s actually down for reprising his role as Peter Venkman? A press release was published in the “Licensing Trade” magazine at the Licensing International Expo. in Las Vegas, and somebody scanned the press release to post it on the internet for the rest of us to see.

Check it out, here!

As you all know, Bill Murray has been very critical about “Ghostbusters 3” for a long time now and he wouldn’t read the script even though it was sent to him. Sony revealed they would cancel the third movie if Bill wouldn’t do it.

For now, this is just a rumor, Sony themselves haven’t confirmed this yet. All we can do for now is cross our fingers. Even though everyone is critical about a third Ghostbusters film, I think a third film deserves to happen to close out the trilogy whether you agree with it or not.

Hopefully this news is true and we should hear from Sony soon.



Report: Bill Murray claims he haven’t read the “Ghostbusters 3” script…

Not too long ago, Ivan Reitman announced that he sent the script for “Ghostbusters 3”, to Bill Murray to get his approval of the film. Bill recently had an interview with Howard Stern on Sirius. Of course, Howard had to ask  him about the script.

Bill confirmed he does have the script, but he claims he haven’t read it. He says the script have been sitting on his desk at his home office but he doesn’t know how long he haven’t read it. He says he’ll read it at some point because he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings who’ve been wanting him to read it.

Read Bill’s full interview with Howard, here.

Come on Billy! Pick up the damn script and read it! I’m pretty sure he has all day to read the script, for some reason he doesn’t want to. As you can see, Bill is STILL being picky with the, “Ghostbusters 3” movie. He’s very difficult about it for whatever reason. I guess Bill wants to make sure that the story is going to work in order for him to give it the greenlight.

It doesn’t take that long to read a movie script. They can take a couple of days to read. I’ve read movie scripts before.

It’ll be a shame if Bill says, “No”, to G3. So hopefully he’ll get around to reading it, lets cross our fingers if he’ll like it enough. I respect Bill’s honesty and keeping things real though. Gotta give that.


Report: Is Bill Murray in or out of “Ghostbusters 3”????

Deadline, wrote this interesting article about the difficulties in making “Ghostbusters 3”. Why is “Ghostbusters III” so difficult to get the green light? It’s because Bill Murray have always been strict and picky with the third film. You’ve read most interviews with Bill about Ghostbusters 3 over the past year and Bill haven’t been so kind about the third film. Bill mostly laughed at all Ghostbusters 3 talk every time he was asked about it.

That’s why they sent the script to Bill first, to get his approval. Get feedback from Bill. In that article, Sony wanted to make it clear that they will not make a Ghostbusters film without Bill. If Bill is in, they will get right to work. If Bill is out, then no film at all, it’s simple as that.

I think there’s a good chance Bill will say yes ’cause he was wearing the Ghostbuters suit for the “Zombie Land” movie too.

It’ll be nice to see Harold Ramis back as Egon as well, as I know that Harold doesn’t act much anymore,  he mostly concentrated on directing movies over the years. I hope the GIII script won’t concentrate on the passing the torch to younger Ghostbusters eitiher, so we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed if Bill wants in or not. We’ll hear from Bill soon on his answer, maybe in a few weeks or so. He’ll have to take the time to read the script and make his decision.

I really hope  a GIII film will happen ’cause it deserves one more film to close out the trilogy.


Report: Ivan Reitman says “Ghostbusters 3” script is done and have been sent to Bill Murray!!!

Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two “Ghostbusters” films, announced that the “Ghostbusters 3” script is finally done and sent to Bill Murray to get his approval. Ivan says Bill haven’t read the script yet and says the script is good enough to get the film made.

The Associated Press, reports.

We all know how strict and picky Bill is with the next Ghostbusters film. Lets hope he’ll be happy with this script whenever he gets around to reading it. I think Bill Murray still looks really good in the Ghostbusters suit. Remember, he put the suit back on for the “Scream” awards last year. He looked pretty happy wearing the suit again, so there’s a possibility he might come back! Hope so, cross our fingers.


Cool Video: Bill Murray accepts Scream Award in a Ghostbusters suit!!! HOLY CRAP!

Bill Murray attended the Scream awards to pick up his award for Best Horror Film for the film, “Zombieland”, which he had a cameo in. Guess what folks? Bill Murray showed up on stage wearing a Ghostbusters suit! For a long time now, Bill Murray denied returning for “Ghostbusters 3” because he felt too old to be wearing a Ghostbusters suit again. Well, here is proof that he’s not that old and he still looks GREAT in the suit. Bill got a huge crowd reaction too. Come on, Bill! Please return for “Ghostbusters 3”. I think he would want to now after this.


Report: Bill Murray says, “Ghostbusters 3” news is a bunch of crock, does that mean a third film is dead?

Bill Murray did a new interview with CQ magazine, and in the magazine, Bill, responds to “Ghostbusters 3” news that’s been hitting the internets. Bill’s response? He calls it a bunch of crock. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis been plugging in Ghostbusters 3 on the itnernet for months, and after all this time, Bill Murray squashes “Ghostbusters 3” news.

Sorry, Ghostbusters, fans. Looks like a G3 is never gonna happen now.

Read what Bill have to say about it here:



Report: Dan Aykroyd says, “Ghostbusters III” could start filming this year, but who will direct?

Dan Aykroyd, confirms the news that “Ghostbusters III” could start filming this winter. They tried to get Ivan Reitman to direct the 3rd film but he’s too busy producing other films. They said if Ivan turns down the opportunity to direct a third film, Harold Ramis, says he is game to directing the third film himself.

Bill Murray once gave the idea that he would like to see females become Ghostbusters in the new one, look like they are agreeing with Bill’s idea. Dan Aykroyd says he wants Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku to be the new female ghostbusting ass kickers.

Alyssa Milano pictured above…

Eliza Dushku pictured above…

Read more on this story at MTV News:


I am loving the idea of hot babes being Ghostbusters!!! Great choices on Alyzza and Eliza. They haven’t been casted yet, they were just ideas thrown in by Dan Aykroyd, so hopefully these two gorgeous ladies will get confirmed for the film.

Who will be the new young male Ghostbusters? As long as they don’t get Robert Pattison, Chace Crawford, Shia Labeouf or Zac Efron, I’m happy.

I think they should go for Chris Pine from “Star Trek” and Seth Rogen maybe? Since “Ghostbusters” films are comedy too, Seth Rogen would be a perfect choice for a Ghostbuster to bring humor into it. Seth is not that old, he’s about 27 or something like that?

Glad that G3 is still moving forward.


Report: Bill Murray calling for a female as a “Ghostbuster” for third film…

Bill Murray is still expressing his excitement for “Ghostbusters 3”, it’s just great to see!!! Bill says he wants the 3rd Ghostbusters film to be more like the 1st one. Since the next film is focused on training new Ghostbusters, Bill has an idea that he would like to see a female casted as one of the new Ghostbusters.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


He probably means a young female as a new Ghostbuster.

Who are they gonna call?

Scarlett Johansson? Natalie Portman? Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Either one would make me go see it.



This is great news!

Bill Murray who attended Fantastic Fest to promote his latest movie the “City of Ember”, he did a Q&A session on stage to answer fan questions from the audience.

Of course, someone just had to ask him if he’s willing to star in “Ghostbusters 3” to reprise his role as Peter Venkmen. Murray says he already knew that “The Office” writers were on board to writing the script. Murray went on explaining that enough time has passed and all the wounds were healed from “Ghostbusters 2”, he went on explaining how the first Ghostbusters film was the best experience in his life.

As we all know, in the past Bill Murray used to be harsh on returning to Ghostbusters 3 saying that he wouldn’t come back in the live action unless it was animated or a video game. In this video, Bill admitted his excitement for a “Ghostbusters 3” live action film grew in him after doing voice overs in the video game, he finds himself singing the Ghostbusters theme song as he’s walking down the street. Then he revealed the big news that he would definitely love to star in “Ghostbusters 3”!!!!!!

See the report at Aint It Cool:


Well Bill Murray is down, three more to go. We now need to hear from Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis if they are still willing to star in it.

We already heard from Ramis, he was the one who revealed that the Office writers were writing the film, but that doesn’t mean Ramis is starring in it, he was pretty quiet on whether he’s starring in it or not.

I’m sure the rest of the cast would be in. Hopefully Sigourney and Rick would be in too.