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Hey Reebok, there is absolutely nothing wrong with men complimenting a woman for her fitness physique… SCREW YOU!

Welp. Looks like it’s time to put Reebok on the boycott list. I’ll never buy sneakers from them ever again that’s for sure. Liberals and the media are outraged (is there anything liberals aren’t outraged about???) at President Trump just for complimenting Brigitte Macron’s fitness physique.

Then here comes Reebok releasing this little poster explaining why it’s not okay for men to compliment women on their fitness physique.

Well, first liberals made it bad for us to criticize overweight women aka “fat shaming”. Now they’re gonna make it bad for us to complimenting women for staying in shape? Really? Wow. Those who get mad at men complimenting women for staying in shape are probably a jealous loser who is out of shape and doesn’t eat right themselves.

Liberalism is getting even more insane under Trump for sure. We can’t oppose gay marriage, abortion, gun control, can’t criticize overweight people, can’t tell the truth about women (or else we’ll get called sexist/misogynist), can’t correct people on genders and now we can’t be nice by complimenting women for staying in shape. This is messed up.

The media and liberals are always outraged about Trump over something… it didn’t matter if he was trying to be nice to people… they’re still gonna be outraged.

I’ll never buy anything from Reebok ever again since they’re trying to lecture us on how to compliment women and you shouldn’t buy anything from them either.