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Brussels attack… another false flag, y’all! Nothing to see here, move along!


Ya know whenever there’s a “terrorist” attack or a mass shooting that is big all over the news, chances are it’s gonna be a false flag and this is the latest false flag attack by the Obama admin. (or the New World Order/Isis). If there’s an attack or a shooting that’s big all over the news and Obama is quick to respond to it, then the attacks are probably staged. There has been way too many false flag/staged attacks under Obama for the past 7 years.

I don’t respond to these things anymore for this reason ’cause these false flag/staged attacks are getting old and boring. These false flag shootings/attacks are gonna keep happening as long as Obama is still in office.

Stop believing everything the media tells you ’cause they’re full of shit most of the time. You got to learn to think outside the box and do some critical thinking skills. I’m willing to bet the Brussels attack didn’t even happen and nobody actually died.