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NEW: “Tyson” premiere at Cannes…PHOTOS…

“Iron Mike” arrives at Cannes in France with wife and kids.

The Tyson family pose with director James Toback.

The Tyson family posing for photogs.

Mike, “Get that camera away from me, punk or I’ll bite your ear off next.”

That’s all for now.




NEW: “Vicky Christina Barcelona” premiere at Cannes… PHOTOS…

Penelope Cruz, Woody Allen and actress Rebecca Hall posing for photogs.

Penelope Cruz looking gorgeous!

Penelope leaving photocall after her photo session is done.

Photog #1: “Oh my, she looks beautiful”, Photog #2 “I’m about to drop my camera because of her smile”, Photog #3: “Please turn your head this way sweetheart”, Photog #4: “Penelope want to hang out with me after this?”


That’s all for now, no word if Scarlett Johansson appeared at Cannes or not but I’m looking.


NEW: “Kung Fu Panda” premiere at Cannes…PHOTOS…

Jack, “Come on, take a picture of my big ass, will ya.” (note the cameraman behind Jack pointing the camera at Jack’s ass)

A pregnant Angelina Jolie arrives at Cannes, damn she’s gotten BIG! She’s definitely having twins or triplets for sure!

Um…leave your clothes on Jack please!!!

Jack acting goofy as usual.

Wait…is that Dustin Hoffman? Yep, he does a voiceover for Kung Fu Panda as well.

Dustin not only poses for photographers, he poses with them too!

Dustin, Angelina and Jack being in a good mood. Oh my, Angelina is just as fat as Jack! Yikes!

More Cannes photos to come as I find ’em.



NEW: Indiana Jones premiere at Cannes….PHOTOS…

Karen Allen (left) Harrison Ford (center) Cate Blanchett (right) just hanging and chilling the sunny day at Cannes.

Ford, “I’ll admit I look old on the big screen”, Cate, “Well so do I”.

A smiling Harrison enjoying himself at Cannes.

There they are, the big three, Lucas, Ford and Spielberg.

Lucas and Spielberg look like they are not in the mood for a photoshoot at this point.

Cate smiling and posing for the photogs.

More Cannes photos to come as I find ’em!



Report: Clint Eastwood and Woody Allen to debut their films at this year’s Cannes…

At this year’s Cannes Festival it has been announced that Clint Eastwood will debut his film “The Changeling” at the film festival, the film stars Angelina Jolie which is about a mother who has a kidnapped son and hopes he gets rescued. Woody Allen will also debut his film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” that stars Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem which is about a painter that has a romantic affair with two lesbian women, this film is supposed to have a long steamy lesbian seen, can you imagine the Cannes Film Festival audience look on their face when they see that scene?

Steven Spielberg as announced in the past will debut “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” there as well. These films will hit Cannes before they even hit theaters.

The festival runs from May 14 – 25.

More on it here:


I’ll probably wait for DVD release for Eastwood’s “Changeling”, I will do the same for Woody Allen’s film.

I’m definitely seeing Indy 4 in theater though. This year’s Cannes festival sounds cool.