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CIA torture report getting released thoughts…

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts on the CIA torture report getting released by Democrats so I thought I would give my brief thoughts on it. First of all, this makes them look like hypocrites over Benghazi. Secondly, this was a dumb and foolish move of them.

How does it make them hypocrites over Benghazi??? Well Democrats continue to maintain that Benghazi happened 2 years ago (technically, it wasn’t that long ago at all) and here the Dems release the CIA torture report which happened long before that. Isn’t that kind of crazy that Dems refuse to talk on Benghazi and yet they were willing to be more transparent on the CIA Torture Report stuff? The only reason Dems released the CIA report ’cause George W. was president at the time and they did whatever it took to make him look bad. I’m sure libtards are happy as hell that the torture report is released.

If you think this is good for America, you need to get your fucking head checked. The release of the torture report could inspire more terrorist attacks. We could get another 9/11 and maybe something even worse. That’s the reason the Dems intentionally released the report. The left hates America pretty clearly and this should be good enough proof of that.

I’m almost positive that it’s illegal to release something “confidential” like that.

Welcome to Obama’s America.