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1993 action film “Cliffhanger” that starred Sylvester Stallone is getting a reboot but will have a female starring in the leading role…

Stallone’s 1993 hit action film “Cliffhanger” that was directed by Renny Harlin and also starring Michael Rooker and John Lithgow is getting a complete reboot. Stallone’s “Cliffhanger” came out 26 years ago… yeah, the film was that long ago and it was a smash hit in the box office. I remember when the original “Cliffhanger” came out and I loved the movie ever since. Still do love the film… it’s definitely one of Sly’s best action films outside of Rambo.

The reboot film is going to be completely different, though. Will the story of the reboot be about a bunch of bad guys trying to find cases of money spread around snowy mountain areas like the original? No probably not. I’m sure most of the reboot will be taken place on a mountain throughout the whole film but I’m sure the story is gonna be different. I’m sure the story of the reboot will have bad guys going after the leading character, though… except the leading character in the “Cliffhanger” reboot will be female.

The director will be female too as they already hired a director but they haven’t found their female lead yet. The director is  goona be Ana Lily Amirpour.

Hang On, Cannes! Neal Moritz’s Female-Fronted ‘Cliffhanger’ Reboot Climbs With Rocket Science, CAA

I wonder who they’re gonna get for the female lead? Will they get a big name star or will they get a complete unknown? No doubt she is gonna be young. They should probably get an actress who has some action movie experience, though… actresses such as Gina Carano, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Noomi Rapace, Alicia Vikander, Natalie Portman, etc. I can see one of them getting the role.

Some of you may ask, is Sly himself upset with this project? Nope. It seems to me that he’s all for it and he definitely supports it. Straight from his instagram about the reboot:

Will I go see the “Cliffhanger” reboot when it comes out? I would… depending on who the female lead is going to be and I’ll wait to see a trailer first before making a decision.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this project, though.


A “Cliffhanger” reboot is happening…

Even if the 1993 action movie starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow and Michael Rooker never had any sequels, it’s getting the re-boot anyways. The re-boot has been greenlighted and Joe Gazzam has been hired to write the script. While there are no details of the plot/synopsis for the re-boot yet, they do give a hint that the “Cliffhanger” re-boot will be a re-imagining so it will not be a straight up remake of the Stallone action movie.

This film is one of Sly’s most successful action movies ’cause the film grossed $84,049,211 domestically. The film was an obvious hit.

“Cliffhanger” with Stallone was one of my favorite action films of all time. I love it so much. I thought John Lithgow’s bad guy role was the shit. It’s just a badass action movie.


I wonder who they’re gonna get for the leading star??? They are probably gonna get some big name muscle actor to play the leading role. Maybe they’ll get the Rock? Jason Momoa? Chris Hemsworth?

I wonder what Sly himself thinks of this reboot happening? I’m sure he’ll make an opinion about it real soon.

If you’ve never seen the original “Cliffhanger” before, I’d suggest you check it out. It’s a badass film and one of Sly’s best action films, in my opinion.


Thought: John Lithgow should re-team with Sly for Expendables 2 as a villain role…

Another actor Sly should re-team with for “Expendables 2” is John Lithgow. As some of you already know, John Lithgow already teamed with Sly as the main villain for the action flick, “Cliffhanger” (pictured above). Would John make a great lead villain for Sly in “Expendables 2”? Absolutely!

While everyone on the internet is listing all these movie stars to star in the sequel, it is kind of weird how Lithgow was never mentioned once. In the first “Expendables” movie, I didn’t care for Eric Roberts villain role, it just didn’t work. I think a role like that would be more suited for Lithgow. Lithgow played the villain in so many films in the past, he is currently playing a villain in HBO’s “Dexter”.

I think John Lithgow would make a great addition to the “Expendables” cast. Lithgow never gets a mention because the guy is so underrated, aka not so popular. If I had to give casting advice to Sly, I would say go for Lithgow as one of the main villains. Lithgow has great acting chops when he does play the villain. Lithgow does a great job on getting people to hate the guy.

I would like to see Sly and John re-team again. It be like Gabe Walker and Eric Qualen back together again!


Report: Stallone’s “Cliffhanger” greenlighted to be remade for the big screen…

It is mostly known for Hollywood, that they remake all the old classics. Now they are going to start remaking the newer films in the 90’s.

StudioCanal has greenlighted to remake the popular and hit Stallone movie, “Cliffhanger”. The film starred Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker and Janine Turner. The film was directed by Renny Harlin.

This is not just a remake, it will be a reboot into a series of films although the original “Cliffhanger” never made any sequels. There were rumours of Stallone doing a sequel to “Cliffhanger”, I believe this is the rumour they were talking about. Turns out a remake is happening instead of a sequel.

Variety Reports:


Geez, I wonder what Sly thinks about this one? Does he like the idea of a remake or does he hate it? I’m sure we’ll hear from him about his thoughts on this soon. Will Sly reprise his role as Gabe Walker? I doubt it, they’re probably gonna go for a younger actor. Maybe a Stallone cameo would be good too.

See the original “Cliffhanger” in it’s entirety here:


“Cliffhanger” is one of my favorite action movies of all times. I hope they do a good job with it.