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Report: Stallone’s “Cliffhanger” greenlighted to be remade for the big screen…

It is mostly known for Hollywood, that they remake all the old classics. Now they are going to start remaking the newer films in the 90’s.

StudioCanal has greenlighted to remake the popular and hit Stallone movie, “Cliffhanger”. The film starred Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker and Janine Turner. The film was directed by Renny Harlin.

This is not just a remake, it will be a reboot into a series of films although the original “Cliffhanger” never made any sequels. There were rumours of Stallone doing a sequel to “Cliffhanger”, I believe this is the rumour they were talking about. Turns out a remake is happening instead of a sequel.

Variety Reports:


Geez, I wonder what Sly thinks about this one? Does he like the idea of a remake or does he hate it? I’m sure we’ll hear from him about his thoughts on this soon. Will Sly reprise his role as Gabe Walker? I doubt it, they’re probably gonna go for a younger actor. Maybe a Stallone cameo would be good too.

See the original “Cliffhanger” in it’s entirety here:


“Cliffhanger” is one of my favorite action movies of all times. I hope they do a good job with it.