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Report: Stephen King delivers “N” animated comics to your mobile cell phones…

At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, the festival revealed the big news that Stephen King will publish a new comic book “short story” series with Marvel that will be delivered to your cell phones. A short story comic titled “N”. Starting Monday, 25 episodes of the short story “N” will be delivered to your cell phones 5 times a week until Aug. 29th. Each episode will be two minutes long and the whole story is 54 pages.

A book version of the story will be released in bookstores Nov. 11th. Stephen King has been experimenting with comic books as of late as he always been a fan of comic books. In fact, comic books is what made the man want to become a writer in the first place because when he was a child, he started reading horror comics like “Tales from the Crypt”, “Tales From the Vault”, etc. His first comic book released was “Creepshow” which was later made into a major motion picture.

Now King is releasing the Dark Tower series into comic book versions with Marvel. Soon he will release “The Stand” into comic book versions with Marvel too. While Stephen King himself wasn’t there in person at the San Diego comic con, he was at the New York Comic Con to promote the Dark Tower graphic novels with Marvel.

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Stephen’s comic work is great, I read the first Dark Tower graphic novel, I need to get the new one now.


Cool Video: “Tron 2” bootlegged teaser trailer at Comic Con…

Trailers of the “Tron 2” bootleg at Comic Con are starting to leak youtube. It was taken on a cell phone video camera probably, so the quality is not that bad but you can still hear and see the trailer pretty good. This is live at Comic Con so you will hear the audience cheering as they see an aging Jeff Bridges appear on screen. Look like we will see a bearded Jeff Bridges in the next Tron film.

Like I said before, with today’s computer technology they will make the new “Tron” very impressive, and from the looks of the trailer, it looks fucking awesome!

I can’t wait for this trailer to hit the internets in profesional quality, full screen and not the bootleg version.

Enjoy this. I’m already getting psyched for “Tron 2”, the audience at Comic Con seems to be thrilled at the sequel too.


Report: Red Sonja official movie poster revealed at Comic Con…

The poster above for the “Red Sonja” remake which stars Rose McGowan has been revealed at this year’s Comic Con movie festival. Both Rose and Robert Rodriguez were there at Comic Con in person to discuss the film and reveal a few surprising things. Rose says she’s getting excited and thrilled about the remake and Robert says he’s always been a fan of the Red Sonja comics.

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It could actually be a great flick if made right. To be honest, I never really liked the original Red Sonja movie that starred Briggitte Nielsen and Arnold. I hope they make this one a lot better.